10 Creative Communities To Show-Off Your Design/Art Talent

A good way to be more creative is interacting with other people who share the same interests.

Anyone can easily make full use of the communities which are available today to boost creativity. Also, interaction with others in the community, collaborating and getting feedback can become a motivating factor.

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Author: Rony John

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Once you are in one of these communities, you will be both criticized and supported which will improve your skills at the end.

Let's look at 10 great creative communities available which will help you to show-off your talent in design and art.



deviantART is amongst the largest internet art community. It is a place where artists from every part of the world come together.

This is a perfect site for both professional and amateur artists since anyone can browse through countless works of other artists or sign-up and post their creations.

There are large number of free features including free thumbnailed art galleries, comment system, user page, journal, and more.

Behance Network

Behance Network

Behance Network is a platform for creative professionals to gather, collaborate on different projects and connect with companies/agencies who are looking for creative talents.

The major focus of the site is to assist creative persons/companies to boost their productivity and demonstrate themselves professionally. It has creative tools + a great search engine to navigate through the network and come across fresh talent and opportunities.



Boost-Art is one of the latest popular online galleries and an ideal place where each and every art maker + art lover can find/purchase creativity.

It is possible to exchange and purchase the art directly. You can create your own personal gallery with all your details and comment on each other's works that are published.



This site is a very simple and uncomplicated way to display/manage a creative portfolio.

Carbonmade is a very user-friendly website and doesn’t require any HTML experience. The site has a set of straightforward and easy to use management tools to manage images, add flash or video and more.



It is both an open place for artists to showcase their talents, works and designs. Through RedBubble, an artist can easily receive encouragement and positive feedback about the designs created.

It is also possible to sell works and creations online with efficient customer service (or purchase them).



It is a design magazine devoted to everything associated to young modern contemporary design including: accessories, books, design-contests, exhibitions, fashion, furniture, hotels, lighting, new materials, residential architecture, interior design and prototypes. The online magazine is published by CEO Markus Gogolin and his group.



It is a funky and trendy website containing millions of attractive T-shirts designed by the community.

As a designer, you can create new t-shirt designs, upload them, get feedback and sell them.



Graphic-ExchanGE shows its users a selection of work directly uploaded on this site. It mainly focuses on original works and creations rather than digital ones.



The Computerluv Newsfeed is a blog that comprises advertising, design and art. It is managed by 80 well-known artists, bloggers and journalists.



TalentTrove is a place where an artist can prove their talent by creating, uploading and broadcasting what they are good at.

This community is free for both the professional and the amateur. There are many useful sub-tools in TalentTrove and here are two:

    * CollabLab, a live collaboration tool which calls upon the TalentTrove community to assist each other out. For example, a model may require a photographer for the portfolio. Broadcast it here and somebody will step ahead.
    * Forums, a community-powered place to exchange queries and suggestions.