11 Cloud-Based Tools for Web Designers

Apple has been a big proponent of the cloud revolution with their iCloud service and cloud-based apps. Now most websites and social networks offer solutions to keep data in the cloud. Naturally the next step would be creating web applications that run solely in your web browser. How far into a futuristic utopia do we have to wait for these webapps?

Thankfully we have quite a few available to us right now(the utopia part is debatable). This gallery includes 11 very helpful web applications for designers who want to work directly in the browser. It’s possible to create mockups, wireframes, patterns, and color schemes all from the comfort of your web browser. George Jetson would be so proud.


wireframe cc webapp minimalist prototyping


paletton color picker webapp online

Adobe Kuler

adobe kuler website webapp online color scheme


moqups online free website prototyping tool


mockflow website wireframing tool webapp


quirk tools wires webapp wireframing


codepen open source coding cloud tool webapp

CSS Deck

css deck open source webapp code ide


online cloud ide editor code html css jquery


responsify responsive open source framework


froont website responsive designing tool online