15 Free APIs You Didn’t Hear About (But Will Make Use Of)


Websites make use of and present lots of 3rd party data like tweets, maps, currency conversion… where all tied to APIs.

And, we usually use the most-popular, known APIs  in our sites. However, there are some hidden treasures as well that can feed any site/app with valuable data.

Check these 15 APIs and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a use for at least few of them:

Random User Generator

Random User Generator

A very useful API that allows us to create realistic-yet-fake users automatically.

This is very handy for filling web app databases for testing purposes or having realistic mockups.

We can mention a specific genre and Random User Generator returns name, address, e-mail, pass, avatar and more.

REST Countries

REST Countries

The API has methods for getting the list of all countries, the country code, capital, calling code, currency and more.



A file conversion service which has a free-to-use API for converting any format into another.

This can be used wildly on many sites/apps for converting user-uploaded files, making videos mobile-friendly, etc.



Telize can provide location information from an IP address.

It actually uses the free GeoLite database in the backend but saves you from hosting it.



For any app that offers a method toı display the date-time with the user’s timezone, reaching to an up-to-date timezone info is essential.

TimezoneDB is a nice source of data that offers this data for free and with an API.



This free API has lots of methods to get DNS-related information about a given hostname, domain or IP.

Methods include fetching nameservers, A, CNAME, MX records and more.


OOcharts - Google Analytics API

Google Analytics has an API but OOcharts makes this easier and offers an already-beautified solution with charts so that you don’t need to build them.


Open Weather Map

A free weather and forecast API which collects data from 40,000+ weather stations.

Searching can be made with city names or coordinates and daat about current weather, week forecast, precipitation, wind or clouds can be requested.


Exif API

Exif.in simplifies querying EXIF data with a simple HTTP request and reaching it in JSON format.


Profanity Filter API

A very handy API for filtering unwanted text. Just provide the content and it’ll remove the content of profanity and obscenity.


Zip Code API

Another nice way of getting location information. With support for 60+ countries, the API can return city, state and latitude info from zip codes.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

An API for reaching information about artists, albums, tracks and genres. Perfect for any music-oriented website.

The Movie Database

Movie API - The Movie Database

A feature-rich API for any information regarding movies and TV shows (cast, crew, images, reviews, etc.).

An alternative is OMDB.

E-mail Validation API

E-mail Validation API

That’s an original free API from Rackspace which is open to everyone.

It is capable of validating the e-mail format and its DNS + MX settings. Also, it can provide suggestions for possibly mis-spelled addresses.


SpamCheck API

Ok, you prepared the newsletter but wonder if it will be considered as spam by some servers?

SpamCheck is a free SJON API that can return the SpamAssassin score for a given HTML.

Depending on the score, tuning and re-testing the content is a good idea.

And an extra : ).. Open Beer Database

Open Beer Database

A database of beers; their names, description, brewery and much more. So specific yet fun.