15 Free Resources for Google Material Designers

The popularity of Google Material Design has engendered a new era of user interface conceptualization. Both mobile applications and websites can be affected by Material Design precepts. This gives every type of interface designer a new style guide to follow.

In this gallery I’ve organized 15 handy resources for designing with Google Material. These include animations, buttons, CSS libraries, and a whole lot more. Take a peek at the examples in this post and see if anything can prove useful in future work.

Material UI

material ui design google open source

Materialize CSS

materialize css ui website

Leaf Framework

leaf css framework beta design

Paper Collapse

google material design animation paper collapse

Bootstrap Material Design

google material design for bootstrap open source


mawbutton js open source library


open source google material waves effect

Material Design Hamburger

material design hamburger menu sliding ui

Material Design Icons

google free material design icons freebie

Material Framework

web html5 css3 framework material design open source

Material Playground

github open source material design playground

Material Animation(AEP File)

freebie after effects animation file


material design freebie ui kit psd download

Instagram PSD

instagram material design redesign freebie

Color Iconset

freebie colorful iconset material design download