15 Tips & Tricks for using Photoshop’s Layer Masks

Selecting objects in Photoshop is comparable to any other difficult skillset like drawing or playing music. It can be excruciating at first, but once you understand what you’re doing it gets a whole lot easier. Layer masking offers great techniques for quickly rendering out any object from its background. If you want to build up your layer mask rendering skills take a look over some of these articles and tutorials ranging from beginner to intermediate topics.

PS CS6 Masking

youtube video tutorial masking cs6

Layer Mask & Quick Selection Tool

remove a background photo quick selection

Advanced Hair Selection

advance hair selection photoshop video tutorial

Selection with Brush Tool

quick selection brush tool photoshop tutorial

Selection with Channels

photoshop cs4 selections video tutorial

Beginner’s Guide to Masking

complete beginner guide to photoshop masking

Understanding Layer Masks

basics understanding layer masks photoshop

Clipping Masks Essentials

photoshop clipping mask essentials article

Selecting Hair with Refine Edge

refine edge tool selecting hair in photoshop

Masking out Difficult Images

masking difficult images photoshop howto

Layer Mask Tricks

common layer mask tricks in photoshop

Layer Masks and Clipping Masks

photoshop layer and clipping masks guide

PS Selection Techniques

comprehensive intro to photoshop selection tools

Everything About Masking

solving all problems about masking photoshop

Refine Edge for Improved Matching

refine edge tool photoshop improved masking techniques