20 Freebie UI Graphics for Website Layouts

Web developers who love to build websites often run into the same problem: lacking a pixel-perfect design mockup. Without a competent designer you’re often left to rebuild existing ideas or code simple interfaces without too much detail. But you can also download free PSD or AI graphics to use as a replacement for your own designs.

Check out this set of 20 brilliant free graphics for website layouts. Each item links to a freebie which you can download and customize your liking. Aside from web developers a designer might also enjoy taking apart these freebies to learn about new techniques.

Flat UI Kit

turqoise flat ui kit freebie

Personal Site

personal website layout psd freebie design

On/Off Button

on off switch green red design freebie


newsletter psd signup form freebie

Pricing Tables

pricing tables psd freebie download

Basic Form

basic input form elements psd freebie

Colorful UI Kit

bright colorful ui kit psd freebie

Simplistic UI Kit

flat simple web design user interface kit

Lucid UI Kit

lucid ui kit freebie psd download

Sign In Dropdown

sign in dropdown menu form input psd

3 Popup Forms

freebie psd multiple three popups ui

Minimal UI Kit

minimal freebie ui kit psd

Login Form

login form psd small freebie download

InkTattoo PSD

inktattoo parlor website template psd freebie

Travel Videos

travel video blog website layout psd freebie

Landing Page

free landing page psd website layout


blue on off switches psd freebie

Dropdown Menu

dropdown links menu freebie psd design


crafty freebie psd template download


atech website homepage psd freebie download