22 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Digital Graphics

Web designers can be limited in their creative ideas without obtaining further skills in graphic design. There are many page elements like icons, backgrounds, textures, and buttons that require an understanding of Photoshop and how to build digital graphics.

If you’ve always wanted to create your own website icons then look no further! This collection of 22 tutorials will help you understand the Photoshop interface and how to use it for creating graphics. The process will be difficult at first, but it does get better with time. Just keep practicing and try to make the learning experience as fun as possible.

Cute Twitter Bird Icon

creating a cute twitter bird photoshop tutorial

Address Book Icon

leather texture address book icon tutorial

Radio Icon Design

radio icon design tutorial howto photoshop graphics

Open Book

custom written plume book handwriting icon

Create a Mobile App Icon

howto create mobile app icon design photoshop

Awesome Amp Controls

sound audio amplifier amp radio dial tutorial

Tron-Inspired App Icon

tron inspired app icon design tutorial

Calendar App Icon

basic calendar app icon design tutorial

Flat Website Mockup

design create flat website layout mockup photoshop

Create a Realistic iPhone 5

Colorful Fantasy Digital Painting

colorful digital painting fantasy landscape in photoshop

Create a Dramatic Digital Painting

howto create a digital painting in photoshop tutorial

“Middle-Earth” Inspired Landscape

middle earth inspired landscape tutorial photoshop

Chalk Logo Effect

create a chalk logo effect typography photoshop

Mobile Weather App Interface

create design mobile weather app interface ui

Design a Clean Landing Page

design a clean landing page layout photoshop psd

Design Pricing Plan Boxes

design pricing plan boxes in photoshop tutorial

Slider with Ribbon Elements

design photo slider with ribbon photoshop tutorial

Seamless Repeating Pattern

seamless repeating pattern in photoshop

Diary/Journal Website Layout

diary journal website style layout in photoshop

How to Design an iPhone App

howto tutorial design iphone app ui photoshop

Realistic Takeout Coffee Icon

realistic takeout carry coffee cup icon design photoshop