25 Brand New Freebie Icon Sets from Dribbble Members

Becoming a skilled artisan for the web is a tough goal. Somebody who can build layouts may not be so great at designing text effects or icons. Thankfully the open source movement provides a lot of support for web designers who need resources for project work.

I’ve cataloged a total of 25 outstanding icon sets for download. Each set is completely free and they’re all linked to an original Dribbble shot. Designers who release their stuff on Dribbble don’t often make it a big deal – so it’s tough to find these links without searching extensively on the website. I hope these icons can prove useful in future web projects.

Cryst4l UI

cryst4l crystal user interface icons freebie

Flat Blue

flat blue icon set freebie

Flat Fruits

flat fruits icon design psd freebie

Cloud Icon Freebie

twenty 20 cloud icons freebie psd

Basic Flat Icons

basic flat icons set freebie download

Free Game Set

freebie video game icons set download

Extra White Icons

extra white icons freebie

Device Icons

device icons freebie psd download

Valentine’s Vectors

vector icon hearts valentine freebie

Payment Options

payment options icon set freebie

Flat Vector Icons

basic ai illustrator flat icons freebie

Thin Icons

blue thin icons iconset freebie

UI Icons Pack

blue white small iconset freebie psd

Free Circle Icons

white free circle icons iconset psd

Mail Icons

freebie mail icons iconset download

Colorful Icon Set

freebie download colorful icon set


free hands icons freebie download ai vector

Office Icons

office icons freebie download pack

Azure Pack

azure icons pack freebie download

Vibrant Flat Icons

vibrant flat icons ai eps psd png vectors

144 Line Icons

free download iconset 144 lines thin

Clean Blue Icons

clean stroke ios7 style iconset freebie download

Christmas Icons

freebie download christmas icons iconset


fanicons clean thin icons freebie

Flat Tools & Supplies

notebook pen pencil flat icons tools supplies