30 Awesome And Free Flat Icon Sets

With the interfaces of Android, Windows 8, iOS7 and lots of popular websites (like the many services of Google and Microsoft), flat design is everywhere.

The simplicity it consists of matches very well with the content-focused web of today and many websites are launching their new versions in parallel to this trend.

Icons are a big part of flat design and here is a massive collection of free flat icons to use in your next projects.

Batch (PSD, SVG, PNG, Font)

Batch - Flat Icons

There are 300 icons in Batch and it uses PSD shape layers so they are scalable. Web font option is also great for combining the use with fonts and images.

Flatilicious (PSD)

Flatilicious - Flat Icon Set

The set is well-layered and includes 48 items.

The Noun Project (SVG)

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a massive resource of flat icons with 100s of items.

Modern UI Icons (SVG, PNG, XAML, .DESIGN)

Modern UI Icons

1100+ flat icons crafted with Expression Design and available in multiple formats.

Iconmonstr (SVG, PNG)

Iconmonstr - Flat Icons

1700+ black and white flat icons with a slick design. They can be searched and downloaded in multiple sizes.

Metrize Icons (PSD, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF, Font)

Metrize Flat Icons

300 amazing icons of actions, social networks and more with lots of file format options including a web font.

Pictonic Free (SVG, PNG, Font)

Pictonic Flat Icons

266 flat icons of social networks, browsers, databases, frameworks, operating systems and more.

Gemicon (PSD, PNG)

Gemicon Flat Icons

A huge set (600 items) of flat icons.

iPhone Toolbar Icons (PNG)

Flat Toolbar Icons

150 flat iPhone toolbar icons that are retina-ready (come in 3 sizes).

Metro Icons (PNG)

Flat Metro Icons

A set of 130 flat icons that is inspired form Metro UI and available in light or dark + with/without circles.

DeafultIcon (EPS, PNG)

DefaultIcon Flat Icons

650+ black-colored and flat icons. The PNG version has multiple sizes.

WPZOOM Developer Icons (PSD, AI, PNG)

WPZOOM Flat Icons

154 very good looking and bold icons.

Google+ Icons (PSD, PNG)

Google+ Icons

Google+ styled flat icons (204 icons) that are available in 2 sizes that are available as colored or grey.

200 Foodie Pack (AI, EPS, PNG)

200 Foodie Pack

200 flat icons of anything related to food. A pretty unique set.

Climacons (PSD, EPS, PNG and SVG)

Climacons - Flat Weather Icons

75 flat weather icons that are available in multiple formats.

Meteocons (PSD, CSH, EPS, SVG, Font)

Meteocons - Flat Weather Icons

A very nice set of flat weather icons to represent any type of air condition.

Flat Cartography Icons – Maki (SVG, PNG)

Flat Cartography Icons

Maki is a set of 96 different cartography icons that are available in 3 different sizes. Specially the SVG format is very handy for scalable mapping interfaces.

Flat Mapping Icons (PSD, PNG)

Flat Mapping Icons

A perfect set of 200 flat mapping icons which includes location items of any type.

Simple Icons (PNG)

Simple Icons

92 social networking items in flat style. They are available in multiple sizes and black or white in color.

Flat Social Icons (AI, EPS)

Flat Social Icons

An icon set of all major social networks with square and circular backgrounds.

Flat Design Social Icons Set (PNG, PSD)

Flat Social Icons

The set contains 35 flat icons for the major social networks.

Flat Icons (PSD)

Flat Icons

24 lovely flat icons in PSD format.

Mono Icons (PNG)

Mono Flat Icons

108 mono-colored flat icons are sized 32*32px.

Google-Inspired Flat Icons (PSD)

20 Flat Icons

There are 20 flat icons in the set which are sized 128*128px and comes in PSD format.

Cosmo Mini (PNG)

Cosmo Mini - PNG Flat Icons

1262 flat icons sized 40*40px. Items include many things like actions, devices, social and more.

Flat Design Icons (PSD)

Flat Design Icons

These flat icons come in 4 volumes (Vol1, Vol2, Vol3, Vol4) with a total of 64 items. All of them crafted smoothly and as PSD vector shapes.

Flat Icons Set (PSD, EPS)

Free Flat Icons

This set includes 20 flat items in scalable PSD and EPS formats.

Flat Payment Icons (PSD, EPS, PNG)

Flat Payment Icons

The set consists of  popular payment providers (Paypal, MasterCard, Visa..) icons in a flat design.

Flat File Type Icons (AI, ICO, PNG)

Flat File Type Icons

It is possible to find 63 file type icons in this set which also use the long-shadow trend.

Google Services Icons (PNG, ICO)

Google Services Icons

If you need a flat icon to represent any Google service, this icon set is there for you with its 56 items.