30 of the Best Premium eCommerce Templates for Top eCommerce Platforms

Even if you’re just starting to think about launching an online store, there are already two questions you should be considering: which eCommerce platform to choose, and which eCommerce template to purchase. There is no store without a platform, so these questions should be answered first.

The choice is so wide that it can take weeks to decide on the software that will power your business over the next several years. That’s why we have compiled for you a gallery of 30 up-to-date premium eCommerce templates available for the 4 major platforms – PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, and OpenCart. All of the designs listed here are responsive, mobile- and SEO-friendly and built according to the latest web standards.

We hope you will like the PrestaShop themes, Shopify themes, Magento themes and Opencart templates featured below, and maybe you’ll even find the perfect design  for your e-store.

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PrestaShop Themes

1. EXtreme

eCommerce template

Price: $139
This PrestaShop theme from TemplateMonster is meant for sport stores has a fluid layout with several large image-based areas to display your hottest offers. Its convenient dropdown menu is capable of handling a massive online store with lots of categories and subcategories. This theme also comes with 4 alternative color schemes, a newsletter popup, and live chat that can be enabled or disabled with one click.

2. Styler


Price: $139
Styler is a bestseller among PrestaShop themes, which has been designed for fashion stores selling exclusive wares. Since its release it has undergone several updates, which have added 3 new homepage layouts, plugins, media and social options. Today Styler is a flexible and easily transformable eCommerce tool with classy design and a rich feature set. If you are planning to launch a clothing store, look no further than this theme.

3. Garden Furniture

eCommerce template

Price: $139
This furniture store PrestaShop theme is a great example of a product-first design. Behind its minimalist and thus, customizable facade, there is a host of possibilities for publishing and management of your products, sales analysis, email and social marketing. With outstanding usability of all its details – menus, previews, product pages, etc., – this theme is ready to go with a PrestaShop-based store of any size and complexity.

4. Tools Market


Price: $139
The layout of this responsive PrestaShop theme fully relies on sliders, carousels and tabs, making efficient use of the screen space. It means that your customers will see more products, messages and offers without scrolling or leaving the page. Apart from the obvious benefit for usability, this technique also improves your SEO rankings, increasing the average time your visitors spend on every page.

5. Coffee


Price: $139
This responsive PrestaShop theme is a readymade design solution for a café, a restaurant, or a food-related online store. Its layout features dynamic tabs (New arrivals, Popular and Best Sellers), catchy blog previews, modern sliders, and creative typography. The font and color pickers will allow you to add a personal touch to its design quickly and effortlessly.

6. Compex


Price: $139
Compex is a tech-oriented responsive PrestaShop theme, and, despite its simple light background, the design is visually advanced. It boasts lazy load with slide-in effects, on-hover animations of category banners, shadows, and much more. This theme supports multiple currencies and 5 languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, and French. At the bottom of the homepage there is an integrated Google Map widget added to help you connect your online store with a warehouse, or a brick and mortar store.

7. Bikes

eCommerce template

Price: $139
This PrestaShop theme is designed in an energetic style to meet the requirements of online stores selling sport equipment. The most remarkable of its features is the usage of page-sized background videos as attention grabbers. You can upload your own compressed videos to bring the visual component of your store, and its credibility, to a whole new level.

8. Minimal


Price: $139
The distinguishing feature of this minimalist PrestaShop theme is low density of content. There are always just a few elements on a screen at any one time, so your visitors are focused only on them. The theme offers several color schemes, which are reflected in overlay text blocks, logos, and some minor design elements.

Shopify Themes

1. Canyon


Price: $139
Using this theme, you won’t be able to tell a Shopify store from a custom designed official website of a large corporation, so professionally developed is Canyon. As with any other Shopify theme for sport equipment stores, it is bright and dynamic. Unlike any other similar theme, it is jam-packed with a full spectrum of tools targeted at conversion optimization. Here you will find numerous product and category labels, stylish countdowns, and compelling call-to-action elements.

2. Infant

eCommerce template

Price: $139
This Shopify theme created by TemplateMonster is a responsive Shopify design with a boxed layout and cheerful appearance. It supports mega menus, sliders, parallax scrolling, live chat, and Google maps. This theme is responsive, coded with valid HTML5 + CSS3, and is search engine friendly. Its typography is powered by a vast collection of free web Google fonts.

3. True T-Shirts


Price: $139
True T-Shirts is a responsive Shopify theme for clothing stores. It features a newsletter popup, cookie policy announcement, sticky mega menu with badges, and customized Google map with branded markers. Instead of a slider there is a page-wide parallax image in the top part of the template’s layout. Product pages include such features as cloud zoom, preview slider, and social sharing buttons. In all other respects it is quite simple and minimalist.

4. JS

eCommerce template

Price: $139
Your Shopify store will look gorgeous with JS – a responsive fashion theme based on large product photos adjusted in a masonry grid style. Its menus, logo, and utility buttons are placed on the static sidebar, so they are always close at hand. The theme uses luxurious-looking typography, which, however, can be easily changed to be more appropriate to your brand’s style.

5. Simple Construction


Price: $139
Simple Construction is a potent Shopify theme for online stores selling all things industrial. These include hardware, plumbing, tools, building materials, and even construction related services. If your store is selling any of the above, grab this theme without hesitation. It is able to turn your eCommerce store into a marketing channel bringing a steady income.

6. Electronics Online Store


Price: $139
Having begun life as an OpenCart template, Electronics Online Store has quickly become a favorite design of many online merchants. Its irresistible fresh look, ergonomic navigation, and easy installation and fine-tuning are the prime reasons why it is so popular. Specifically for Shopify users a customizable top bar with banners and countdowns has been added.

7. One Page Store

eCommerce templates

Price: $139
This Shopify theme is unique, as it is focused on stores with a few exclusive products – three to be precise. Due to the simple structure there is no need for complex navigation, so its menu is quite minimalist. The layout of this theme looks like one of a landing page. It includes video backgrounds, expressive call-to-action buttons, large social sharing buttons, eye-catching galleries and effective testimonials.

Magento Themes

1. Ketty


Price: $179
Ketty is the number one TemplateMonster Magento theme for fashion stores. To acknowledge that it is powerful goes without saying. It features several layouts of each of its page types, customizable newsletter popup window, Facebook and Twitter boxes, blog functionality, and many other great specialties. Each detail is spiced up with progressive visual effects, making use of this theme not only easy, but also enjoyable.

2. KettyStore


Price: $179
Simple and neutral, this responsive Magento theme, with a product-first approach, will let you fully realize your creative potential. With every new image it completely changes its look, so you don’t have to worry about how your brand identity will fit the general design of your website. This theme offers basic eCommerce store functionality plus some advanced features typical for premium eCommerce templates: integrated third-party modules, animations, sliders, Ajax-powered search, etc.

3. Furniture

eCommerce template

Price: $179
This Magento theme is an example of a well implemented minimalist design. If you are a novice webmaster, you will be able to launch a full-featured store without having to make any changes to the code or the design of the template. But if you are proficient in CSS and HTML, you can totally reshape it to satisfy your personal tastes.

4. Alikx


Price: $179
Alikx is a professionally tailored Magento theme for men’s fashion stores. It looks structured and trendy at the same time, being suitable for selling both formal and casual clothing. Its product previews feature multiple labels, as well as ‘add to cart’, ‘add to wish list’ and ‘add to compare’ buttons. The images throughout the layout are enhanced by a parallax scrolling effect.

5. Business Card


Price: $179
This Magento theme, created in flat design, will be just right for companies that provide printing services, stores selling stationery, gifts, souvenirs, and so on. In fact, the initial color scheme doesn’t matter much, as it can easily be changed. What matters is its soft visual effects, and lightness of the layout. Whatever store you are going to build with this theme, your products will always be in the foreground.

6. Stilex

eCommerce templates

Price: $179
Stilex is an awesome Magento theme for all kinds of clothing and sport stores. Its unique sidebar provides convenient navigation, giving immediate access to the most important functions of your store. The theme boasts large product previews with masonry grid structure, parallax-enhanced image blocks, and custom social media buttons.

7. Kitchen Tools


Price: $179
Kitchen Tools is a responsive Magento theme for a wide range of online stores dealing with kitchenware and home décor. Its slightly vintage look makes it possible to use it for fashion stores as well. With this theme you will get a tunable newsletter popup, visually striking and informative product cards, cloud zoom, and cross-selling options.

OpenCart Templates

1. Fishing Store


Price: $89
Fishing Store is a clean eCommerce template for OpenCart. It is equipped with two menus: the one minimizes into a hamburger button, and the other has mega menu functionality. All the elements of this template have rounded corners that make the design look smoother. Instead of category banners there are three featured product banners for your top products. Above the footer you will find a Facebook-like box and an email subscription form.

2. Viva


Price: $89
Viva is a fancy OpenCart template with ultra stylish hover effects. Its clean unobtrusive design is well suited for fashion and accessory stores. Viva features a Google Map widget, live chat, sliders, and support of several currencies and languages. It is responsive and crossbrowser compatible, so your store will look awesome on any desktop and mobile device.

3. Clothing Online Store


Price: $89
This clothing OpenCart template from TemplateMonster is a reliable, yet inexpensive solution for fashion eCommerce stores. It includes a large number of modules; here are some of them: Account, Affiliate, Banner, Bestsellers, Camera Slideshow, Carousel, Category, Featured, Information, Latest, Specials, and VQmod. The template also comes with a set of input forms: newsletter, search, and contact.

4. iShop

eCommerce template

Price: $89
With iShop you will be able to establish an online store in hours. Its bright flat design is oriented towards young people – the main consumers of computers, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. Each product preview is equipped with such functions as ‘add to cart’ (obviously), ‘add to wish list’, ‘add to compare’ and ‘rating’. The menu is sticky and highly customizable.

5. Digital


Price: $89
Digital is very easy to install and maintain. This responsive OpenCart template combines clear-cut lines and flat elements with such modern visual features as parallax effect, CSS-based transparency and shadows. It is full of additional modules and plugins, including social media boxes, interactive maps, newsletter forms, and more. Use this eCommerce template to build a store selling mobile phones and other devices.

6. King


Price: $89
King is a multipurpose OpenCart template based on flat design and minimalist background. It is simple enough to be managed without any difficulty, and powerful enough to become a foundation for a pretty large online store.

7. Basky

eCommerce templates

Price: $89
To sell sportswear effectively use Basky – a responsive OpenCart 2 template with contrasting dark and white content blocks. Its uncluttered interface is intended to highlight only the best featured products from your store’s inventory, making it a smart choice for small eCommerce shops.

8. T-Shirts


Price: $89
T-Shirts features a long scrolling homepage layout with various content blocks. This responsive OpenCart template is intended for use with online stores selling T-shirts and other casual clothing. Its header is large and spacious, designed to exhibit your brand and boost its memorability. With this template you will also receive the set of source PSD files that will help you with customization of its design.


In this article we have covered 30 of the best eCommerce templates suitable for a modern online store. We hope you have found the one that fully reflects your store’s message.

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And, of course, we would love to hear from you. What other cool designs would you recommend? And what is the most important aspect of eCommerce design for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

By the way, if you are not sure how to start your online business, check out a free online tutorial on How to Build an eCommerce Website, and launch your store today.