9 Free JavaScript Libraries & Templates For Beautiful Web-Based Presentations

For years, MS Powerpoint was almost the only option for easily creating and managing slideshows.

Although it is still a popular tool in the market, today, there are other options for the web-friendly people like: Google Docs Presentations, Prezi, Zoho Show and more.

Also, there are free and open source JavaScript libraries or templates that are specially built for this case and enables web designers/developers to build presentations with a flexibility which any other tool can not offer.

Web-based presentations work in all modern browsers -including mobile-, can include any media, be scripted for advanced usage and coded to be dynamic.

Here are the 9 great and well-known HTML-JavaScript-powered engines for beautiful presentations:



Deck.js is a lovely JavaScript library for creating HTML presentations.

While advanced users can build totally custom outputs, there are templates and themes for novice users to create a standard slideshow with no effort.


Fathom.js - Presentations With JavaScript

This is a jQuery plugin that lets us to create the slides in HTML, style them with CSS and control the presentation logic with JavaScript.

Navigation can be handled with keyboard, mouse or scrolling.

As a unique feature, it allows defining a video for synchronizing the slideshow with.



html5slides is a presentation library developed by Google.

It has 2 built-in themes and support 3 different layouts (regular, faux-widescreen, widescreen).


DZSlides HTML5 Presentations

A single file HTML5-CSS3 template for building presentations.

It also offers 2 shells: for embedding the output into other pages and for showing slides with a control panel.


S5 HTML Slideshow

A popular standards-based presentation engine that has all the features we can ask for, including:

  • auto-scaling of text (responsive)
  • incremental display
  • unique URLs for each slide (bookmarking works)
  • progress indicator (handy for long slideshows)

and much more..


Shower Presentation Template

A simple, easy-to-use and standalone presentation library that has support for theming.


Slippy HTML5 Presentation Library

Slippy is a jQuery-powered HTML presentations library that comes with a responsive layout.

Besides browsing the slides with the prev-next keys it lets users to directly go to the desired slide by using the number keys.

Pure CSS Slideshow

Pure CSS Slideshow

A CSS-powered slideshow that displays slide numbers as a header and supports mouse-based navigations.

Every page has its own #url for direct links and doesn't break the browser history.

P.S. Check its source for the code.

CSS 3D Slideshows

CSS 3D Slideshows

The presentation engine has support for 3D effects using CSS3 3D transforms.

And, an interesting feature is its ability to display nested slides (by pressing "down" rather than "next").

P.S. Check its source for the code.