9 Open Source Microblogging Applications


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Microblogging, with the wide usage of Twitter, is a hot subject in today’s web.

Using few words & spending less effort compared to the standard blogging, it becomes possible to share knowledge, feelings, etc. And, it keeps users connected to other users with the simple yet powerful community features.

While there are very popular microblogging services like Twitter, Tumblr or Plurk, being a rival may not be (or may be) the best idea. However, in order to create something unique, a community for a closed group or a microblog for a single user, there are still huge opportunities.

Here are 9 open source microblogging applications to create your own:

StatusNet (PHP)


StatusNet (previously Laconica) is the engine which runs the popular microblogging site Identi.ca.

It is built with PHP/MySQL & offers a smooth usage as it is a widely used, mature application.

P.S. The source can be found here.

Yonkly (Asp.Net)

Yonkly - Open Source Asp.Net Twitter Clone

Yonkly is an Asp.Net-powered Twitter-clone for creating your own microblogging community network.

Besides the open source version, it has a hosted & an advanced standalone version.

JaikuEngine (Python)


Jaiku was the microblogging site of Google. However, they decided no longer to develop the code but make it open source under the name JaikuEngine.

Anyone can set up and run their own JaikuEngine instance on Google App Engine. Alo, there is an open source mobile client & frontend.

Floopo (PHP)


This free microblogging script is built with PHP & MySQL.

It functions very similar to Twitter & provides a powerful backend to manage the whole system.

Jisko (PHP)


Jisko is a PHP microblogging application that offers a Twitter-like API for developing it further.

Users can have their profile pages, message with each other easily & Jisko is compatible with mobile devices.

PageCookery (PHP)


PageCookery is a single-user microblog which can pull data from social networks like Flickr, last.fm, etc.

It offers an Ajaxed interface where users can comment to the entries easily.

P.S. The original page is Chinese. However, you can view the English version behind Google Translate.

EchoWaves (Ruby on Rails)


EchoWaves is a ready-to-use hosted application where the source code is offered for free.

It is a collaboration tool & a social network which is focused to conversations rather than the users.

P2 WordPress Theme (PHP)

Wordpress Twitter Theme

This is a WordPress theme which can convert your blogging engine into a Twitter-like interface.

It has real-time updates where new posts & comments come in without reloading. There are also inline comments, posting from homepage & more.

Motion (Typepad – Python)

TypePad Motion

TypePad Motion enables publishers and marketers to create vibrant, branded communities that deepen loyalty and increase page views while giving you total control of your brand.

It is based on Pownce & MovableType Motion and built with Django.

Blurt.it (PHP – Added on 19 October 2009)


Blurt.it is a fresh microblogging application that requires PHP/MySQL to run.

Very similar to Twitter, users can easily connect with each other with open or private threads.