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Crafting any user interface requires patience and some expertise with HTML/CSS. Yet rebuilding interfaces from existing code can be a lot more fun and exciting. You learn so much from studying what other developers have created and by screwing up their examples. This gallery has 25 free code snippets you can rework and copy into your own projects to craft amazing CSS3 navigation menus.

Bubble Popout

bubble popout nav menu code

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Even though Adobe has officially discontinued Fireworks it still remains a very popular tool for UI design. Creative Cloud includes Fireworks CS6 as part of the bundle and it should be supported for a least a couple more years. Thus learning Fireworks can be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to mockup design and wireframing. These tutorials are aimed at complete beginners who want to bring Fireworks into their typical web design workflow.

Fireworks UI

intro to fireworks ui

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Android Lollipop has become the standard method of design for smartphones powered by Google’s OS. This design follows the popular flat techniques to a T with slight drop shadows, but almost no gradients or bevels. It’s an easy technique to master but difficult to gain momentum.

These tutorials can teach even a complete novice how to design Android interfaces in Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator.

Tuts+ Material Intro

google material design introduction

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A traditional designer might prefer pencil and paper for wireframing. This is still a popular choice and for good reason: it works. But some designers are moving into the digital realm for wireframing mobile interfaces and general website layouts.

The following applications are completely free to use and come equipped with everything you’d need. Some are web applications while others are programs you download and install on your computer. Either way these are perfect for anyone who wants to get into wireframing without the pecuniary commitment.


moqups design webapp

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Both mobile and web interfaces can be enhanced through proper icon use. There are many varieties and styles of icons, so it’s important to figure out when and why you’d need them. But the absolute best resources come in the form of premium iconsets with hundreds of different choices.

Take a peek at the following selection and see if any icons could be of use in future project work.


smashicons icons design

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Our friends at Minterapp, a time tracking and online invoicing application is running a giveaway exclusive readers. With over 2000+ users that use Minterapp you can enjoy a stable growing platform by a friendly and smart staff. Minterapp is great for small to large companies that want to automate any of the following:

  • Send Estimates
  • Understand Your Cash Flow
  • Collect Deposits on Projects
  • Track Time Spent on Projects
  • Get Paid by Paypal, Stripe, or
  • Time Track on Basecamp
  • And Much More

What are they giving away to our readers?

3 Enterprise Subscriptions for 6 Months Free

Total Value: $719.40

A great deal which will let you test out their platform risk free if for 6 months if you win!

How to Enter:

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Good luck and we will announce the winners on: Friday 7/24



One of the most disputed issues in web design today is the seemingly-eternal question: To Code or Not to Code? You’ll hear opinions in every which way but the truth is at the end it comes down to efficiency and workload. If you’re designing for fun and love the developer’s point of view, do that; but if you’re trying to grow your design business the answer might be more complicated.

That’s exactly why many agencies are going for the no-code design options. Many tools out there are currently offering ways to create a site from scratch with only user-friendly, visually based tools and no coding. These vary in style and quality, obviously; some fit amateur needs and some are more professional-oriented.

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Giveaway: Enter to win 5 x Adobe Creative Cloud Free FOR LIFE


We are happy to announce another massive giveaway from Inky Deals: Win†5 x Full membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Free FOR LIFE!
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From agencies to blog magazines, fixed headers are all the rage. It’s more common that this effect is created with plugins rather than custom-coded effects. Because of this fact many developers have released free open source plugins for fixed navigation bars. Take a look at these examples and see how they can fit into your projects.


fixed header headroom js

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Working freelance is always a challenge. Juggling work and client communication is never easy, but with the right tools your job can be a little easier. These resources have been hand-picked for designers working on their own or running a very small agency. Most of these tools are based online and target a niche that every freelancer is looking to fill.


mailette design approvals webapp

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