A Beautified Apache Index – h5ai

Although listing the contents of a directory is not a good practice for most of the websites (considering the complete structure and files will be available to the public eyes), it is an easy way to show and share files.

The default Apache directory listing/index page is not the most handsome one and h5ai is a template built specifically to improve these pages.


Its is built with HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery + Modernizr and can be implemented with few steps: "copy folder h5ai to the web-root directory of your server and update the .htaccess file".

There is a list of options provided inside a JavaScript file and, best of all, the output can be presented in multiple languages with the strings being defined inside that JS file.

  • Saunterer

    Website and Demo reports 404 :-/

  • http://www.orfaon.net Damien

    The demo and website link returns a beautiful 404 page, but that’s all :(
    404 · File Not Found!

  • http://www.mojowebdesign.com.au Zeth

    Yeah. Is it possible to fix the link, like Damien points out? I’m eager to see what’s happening on this link… 😀

  • http://www.webresourcesdepot.com Umut M.


    The website seems to function well now.