A New Design (And A New Editor)

As you see the design of WebResourcesDepot has totally changed.

I designed this new theme believing that WebResourcesDepot needed to have an unique look (the old theme was Illacrimo theme from DesignDisease with some updates and thanks to them again) as it gets more popular everyday with 700+ RSS subscribers, 2500+ visitors and 5000+ pageviews per day.

It is much brighter right now and there is a seperation between primary elements (like categories) and 2nd ones (like search bar, rss link) that will make browsing easier.

It is also slightly shiny but not at the disturbing level (I hope).

And, since a month, WebResourcesDepot has a new owner ( me 🙂 I’m a web developer and designer for a long time. After few corporate experiences I’ve been freelancing for the last 5 years and have few web projects of my own which I’ll be sharing with WRD readers.) generating the content and I wanted to share this with the new design.

Keep following WebResourcesDepot as I already have many great resources in my bookmarks to share and please continue suggesting the great resources you know.

And.. Did you like the new look? (There are still small things to polish which I’m working on).