A Project To Improve User Experience: Fluid

Fluid is an open source software community that:

  • builds user interfaces and commonly used interactions
  • teaches others how to build good user-centred designs
  • works with other software projects to integrate created solutions into their applications.

They have ready-to-use solutions that will attract both designers & developers.

Fluid Project

Fluid Infusion

A set of rich, reusable, accessible web UI components. They are built with usability and accessibility in mind. All are unobtrusive & degrade gracefully.

Some of the components are:

Fluid Open Source Design Pattern Library

A resource presenting design patterns in detail. Currently, it is not a huge library but updated regularly & will be very handy in the future.

Fluid Design Handbook

A guide on user-centered design (UCD) techniques you can use to learn from your users and design better user experiences.

It has information on a variety of UCD practices, from performing user research and creating models (such as personas and scenarios to inform the design process) to performing UX walkthroughs and user testing of your website or application.