A Promising Open Source Shopping Cart: eCart

eCart is an open source e-commerce shopping cart application that is built with PHP-MySQL.

It is a fresh but powerful software which can manage multiple stores from a single admin interface, supports unlimited product categories, one-page-checkout and more.

Users can easily compare products, add items to their wishlist or write reviews about them.


eCart has a powerful admin panel with a dashboard that enables you to have quick look for the most important data like orders and popular products.

It is possible to create customer groups, define different tax information for different zones or products and generate content within the store with the CMS features it has.

The application is multilingual and has import/export feature for easily switching from/to another software (has a ready-to-use OsCommerce importer).

P.S. eCart is currently in beta status and can be lacking of good documentation. Hopefully, it will be a well-documented one within time.