A SoundCloud Widget For Playing Music On Websites – Stratus

SoundCloud is an awesome application with a huge music library and it has multiple ways for integrating any selected tracks to websites.

Stratus, a free-to-use and jQuery-powered widget, offers an alternative and tight integration with a player that can sit in the bottom or top of web pages.

The widget accepts any number of tracks, sets, users or groups to play, can be set to auto-play and has an optional animation on initial load.

Stratus SoundCloud Player

There are controls for volume, sharing, commenting/favoriting and a pop-up player link exists so that users changing pages won’t lose the tracks.

Besides mentioning the tracks/sets as a list, adding a custom class to any SoundCloud link also works (handy for websites with lots of SoundCloud links) and the player can be skinned with CSS.