About The Downtime And Lessons Learned

First of all, sorry that WRD had a downtime (around 8 hours) yesterday.

The post: 27 Adobe AIR Applications – Handy For Web Designers got pretty popular in most of the social-bookmarking / voting websites. I realized that the website was getting slower & about to take action on it. Then the post moved to frontpage at digg.com & I was not able to reach to server anymore.

Page Display Error

As the server was not responding, rebooted from the power-strip several times, got ping results but after sometime, reboots weren’t pinging.

Thanks to the hosting company that they reached the server & told that the server was not able to boot because of corrupt system file errors (confirmed via KVM).

A fresh OS is installed & they added the previous harddisk as a secondary one so I could get the data.

After setting up the server, here it is, WRD is back online.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t underestimate the digg effect, it is really strong.
  • Don’t reboot a server via power-strip (several times).
  • Backup frequently (I’m good at this from past experiences).
  • Apply all of your own tips.
  • And maybe it is because the server is Windows, think about that.. : )

Hope that this post may help you to stay online.