activeCollab Project Management – 3 Corporate Licenses Giveaway

activeCollab, a feature-rich project management & collaboration application, is giving away 3 Corporate licenses ($399 value/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers.

Details of the giveaway can be found inside the post.

What is activeCollab?

ActiveCollab is a well-planned tool that’ll organize & facilitate all your workflow once you begin to use it.

activeCollab Project Management

You install it on your server & get the full source code (PHP) which is great as you buy the application once and its yours forever.

And, you can customize it however you want in means of design & features (activeCollab is very flexible and you probably won’t need it).

It has all the features of such a system requires like:

  • Projects > milestones > tasks
  • Companies > users
  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Files
  • Tickets
  • Pages
  • And permissions.

activeCollab makes it impossible to miss a deadline as it has a status messages and reminders feature which informs users with their upcoming duties and also notifies them when something important for them happened in the project (like "a file related to your task is uploaded").

activeCollab Calendar

The application has a slick interface, you can switch from one project to another with few clicks & find what you need easily. Besides that, it is optimized for mobile devices and printing.

And, a good feature is the versioning in the pages section. You, or your customers can enter data anytime and you’ll be able to reach every version of it.

activeCollab has other beautiful features which you’ll like. Click here to check them all.

To give a try to activeCollab with the free hosted demo, click here.

How to win the free licenses?

Just comment to this post with at least "I want the license" text besides any other comment.

Winners will be selected randomly from commenters 1 week later (07.21.2008) with the SQL query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=400 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all : ).

Update: Giveaway is ended & winners are announced here.

  • Kyle Anderson

    Hello WRD,

    Longtime reader, first time poster! This app really caught my eye, and I would love to win a license to this.

    By the way, that logo for this app reminds me of something I’ve seen before, but I can’t put my finger on it.

    Oh, and just in case it wasn’t clear I want a license: I want the license!

  • Sti

    I want the license.

  • Kristin

    Ooh! I’ve been watching ActiveCollab since it was free/open source. I’ve been dying to try it out, but haven’t mustered up the money for it yet. I want the license =)

  • Bernd Ennsfellner

    I love the beautiful and intuitive interface of activeCollab.

  • Vlad

    I want the license. No, really.

    I’ve been aware of activeCollab for quite a while, and it looked pretty sweet, but trac was a bit cheaper :)

  • Randy Jensen

    I want the license

    I setup the free version of ActiveCollab on our school’s server about a year ago and get my department to use it. They were starting to get used to it and seemed to like it until our server was hacked about a month later.

    I just didn’t have time to install it again. However, this seems like a perfect opportunity to start using it again.

    I’d also like to write a review on my site about it if I get the opportunity to do so.

  • Claudiu

    It’s a great opportunity to have this. I want that license for sure:)

  • Saud

    Cool!!! “I want the license”

  • Beel Steven

    I want the license? I really do, cause it’s a great app.

  • Robby Colvin

    I want the license

  • Davide Michel Morelli

    I want the license.

  • Raph

    Seems very interresting product. I want the license.

  • Zack

    I want the license! And WRD kicks ass. <3!

  • Chris R.

    I want the license … i really really do :)

  • a_c_m

    I want the license

    Active Collab used to be an open source project, which i’ve used – not tried their paid for version… yet 😉

  • hex

    I want the license. Oh yes i do ;))

  • D. Carreira

    Hey! I want the license! 😀

    That’s look to be a great software.

  • Arne Riemann

    I want the license

  • NiKo

    I want the license!

  • dirk

    looks very promising software to me.
    gonna check it out today using the demo version

    I want the license!

  • Wolf Hagen

    I want the license. Looks like activeCollab is developing nicely.

  • Nicole

    first one :-) I want the license

  • o-d

    thank you. it looks great solution to project management. by the way, I want the license, too =)

  • Heurter B

    “I want the license”

    Simple but clear 😉

  • Daniel Moll

    I want the license

  • Patrick

    Wow, this web app looks pretty amazing!

    I want the license 😉


  • Vikram Parmar

    Ultracool. I wanted to try this product in a much functional manner. I hope i get the license to try it out.

  • Giovanni

    I want the license

  • trevis

    I want the license! :)

    P.S. I love you

  • Neverwolf

    This project manager wasn’t free? What a pity. Well, I want the license, then.

  • marco

    Awesome….I want the license….please !!

  • Saud

    Awesome!!!! “I want the license”

  • Kriesi

    I want the license ;D

  • Marjan Ratkovic

    I want the license

  • Stefan Andersen

    I want the license

  • Mattias Andersson

    I want the license

  • Yılmaz Uğurlu

    I want the license

  • Sorin Spanu

    Very nice application. I want the licence.

  • Christian

    This looks nice!
    I want the license 😉

  • alexei hidalgo

    huge fan off the site…i know no suck up to the blogger…i was looking for an app like this and i hope to get this one i saw you give away another apps in the past hop im one of the winners this time greetings from México

    “I rally really want the license”

  • kisin

    I want the license…..
    nuff said :)

  • Cezary Statkiewicz

    I want the license

  • Adrian Salceanu

    Sounds great! I want it! I need it! 😀

  • ChrisS

    I’ve used ActiveCollab from since it was free but I’ve not tried it recently – it’s particularly impressive.
    I want the license!

  • Bruzli

    I want the license

  • Allen

    I want the license and I love this website!

  • Jack

    Yeah, heard about it some time ago (beta times). But now it looks awsome, almost like completly new application!

    I have to admit, hell yeah – I want the license ;]

  • PatCullen

    I want the license. I really want that license 😀
    This product looks pretty good. Simple & clean but with flexibility. Great that you buy the code. And even better that its got built in mobile device interface. winner.
    thanks 4 all the great posts wrd.

  • Dierk Landmann

    I want the license

  • Jean-Marc Fontaine / Kanopée

    I want the license please :)

  • Marius Stuparu

    Unlike dedicated offline pm solutions, this is a great solution for scattered groups, working on a project. I like it a LOT. nd, to be short and not waste time,

    I want the license

  • george

    I want the license

    well im the 400th comment butany 😉

  • GrZeCh

    I want the license. I could use activeCollab in my company.

  • Staicu Ionut

    damn, I WANT this licence 😀

    (btw, add tabindex=”5″ to “post your comment” button)

  • Jérémy

    I want the license … please :)

  • Robert

    Dear WebResourcesDepot and activeCollab,

    I have one target in my life:
    I want the license

  • Fairytree

    I want the license. 😉

  • Sven

    I want the license

  • Thomas

    I want a license.

  • Jonas S

    I want the license

  • 5h4rk

    I want the license! =) Thanks!

  • LeGaS

    When aC was free I tried it out and really liked it. I hope I’ll get a license. :)

  • wuerml

    I want the license

  • Johan

    I want the license! Looks like a very promising tool, which I could really use

  • marc

    I want the license

  • Torsten

    I want the license
    Great Blog btw.

  • Vyacheslav

    I want the license

  • Endijs Lisovskis

    activeCollab looks really good. That’s why:

    I want the license

  • Guy Armitage

    There are so many of these project management tools outthere, this one interests me due to having the ability to mod it to your needs. Would love a free licence 😀

  • Tommy

    I want the license

  • Seba

    Nice initiative!
    I want the license

  • txarly

    I was looking for a project management app, and I think activeCollab is quite interesting, so I want the license :)

  • Nicolas Heinen

    Interesting, I want the license :-)

  • Oliver

    I want the license

  • PM Hut

    Small question: Do you get the source code encoded?

    Anyways, activeCollab looks like a very promising product.

  • JacekS

    Cool thing :) I want the license! Looks like it’s very well made.

  • Slick

    I want the license

  • Florin Costache

    I want the license!

    Wow, this is great. Even if I don’t win I might end up buying it – it beats the *&$# out of its competitors.

  • SB4M

    “I want the license”

  • Sjaq

    I want the license. ActiveCollab looks pretty cool.

  • Dejan

    I want the license :)

  • Kevin

    “I want a license” of that fantastic piece of Software :)

    Thanks for sharing

  • Gavin steele

    I want the license…. I have been brought up under the rule “I want doesn’t get” so…

    I would like the license to help me develop a number of open source education projects I am trying to get completed for next September.

    Thanks for info and opportunity,


  • Michiel

    I want the license

  • sarman

    I want the license

  • Jonas

    I want the license :)

  • Andy S.

    Great site and great product! I’ll definitely take the license!

  • SquareA

    we used the free version of aC – the corp version would be great! – I want the license 😀

  • Markus A.

    would be great on my server 😀
    gimme gimme 😀

  • Sebastian

    I want the license! 😀

  • Ivo

    I want the license, as this is exactly the one thing we most need in our small company.

  • Marc

    looks good … can it be tested?

    I want the license 😉

  • Angel

    I have tried it, and ill love to get a license.

  • Daniel

    I want the license – I really really really want it.

  • Daniel

    Just skimmed over the site and wasn’t able to find any specifics on the programming languages used, although they offer the whole source-code when you buy a license. So I guess I need to take part in the lottery for a free license to find out 😛

    I want the license

  • Ivan Philipov

    I never won anyhting :) I want the license

  • hs

    This is for sure an amazing project tool! I want the license!

  • anne

    oh cool… I want the license too!

    I hope…
    I hope…
    I hope…

    Heh (^^,)

  • Luiz Yamada

    I want the license =D

  • Cory LaViska

    Who doesn’t want the license? I want it :)

  • Italo Rodrigo

    I want the license

  • Josh

    I want the license

  • Ian Scroggins

    I want the license.

  • jeromegn

    Great article and website!

    I want the license!

  • Jörg

    I want the license – using Basecamp right now, but OC seems to have more flexible options …

  • Alex

    I want the license.

    Thanks :)

  • Steve

    I want the license.

    Been toying with activeCollab but haven’t ever gotten enough data into it to see how it works in a real environment… We do need a replacement for our home-rolled project management software though!

  • jer

    I want the license

  • Me

    I want the license

    Looks like a good piece of kit, i used other scripts similar to this in the past and from the looks of it blows the rest out of the water with its features and that sleek look.

  • hcabbos

    I want the license.

  • Anton

    I want a license too… I just need to have some luck too 😉

  • K-IntheHouse

    I want the license. Why? Because a tool such as this would help me take my productivity to the next level. Or I’d hope so. :-)

  • shriya

    I want the license. Thanks for the cool contest!

  • Jay

    No, I want the license. I literally want the license. =P

  • Sonali Agrawal

    I have always had the eye on this app for so long but never got the finance to buy it.

    I am a daily visitor to your blog. Thanks to you, atleast there is some chance and hope to win the license.

  • Drupal Museum

    I want the license. Such a useful tool. Thanks for the post!

  • Raúl Pedro Santos

    I tried activeCollab when it was still Free and I liked it quite a lot. I was kind of disappointed when the authors made it commercial but I don’t blame them.

    The downside is that I never got to use it but now maybe I have another chance, so I guess “I want the license”, too. :)

  • Steve

    I’ve tried their demo and it’s amazing.

    I WANT the license.

  • Jason

    I want the license!!!

  • Andrew

    I want the license.

    I have been following activeCollab since 0.71, but have not been able to pay for a license since they began charging.

  • Juan

    I want the license.

  • Gustavo Gawryszewski

    I want the license too!

  • Jordan Garis

    I want the license

  • Rogerio Caetano

    I want the license !

    Great work, dude!

  • Camilo Jones

    I want the license THAAAAAAAANNNXXX!!!!!

  • SmpleJohn

    I want the license, oh yes, I do. Pretty…

  • Brynjar Guðnason

    Think it´s a great product, I want the license.

  • Tim Nash

    I want the license
    But me thinks the chance of winning will quickly reach the same as the lottery :)

  • Klaus Lackner

    We are a young, small street wear label und our designers are located all over the world.

    Active Collab would be the perfect tool for us!

    That´s why we really want the free licence. Especially because we are a start up with a little budget.

    Klaus @ batawi

  • Les

    Wow guys, awesome comp. I want the license please!

  • Neily

    This project management tool looks splendid. I want the license!

  • cihan

    thank you for license..

  • Aleksandar Petrovic

    – I want the license –

    I was really pleasantly surprised when I found out that AC was created by my compatriot (country man). But the fact that they switched from Open Source to Paid-For was a real turn off.

    IMHO – Ilija Studen should kept a separate Open Source version too – in a similar manner that Red Hat, MySQL and others are doing.

  • Sean

    It does look like a better alternative to trac…

    “I want the license”

  • Greg Connour

    I want the license

  • Milcom

    Wow, long time ago I wanna this project manager, but day by day for some reason or other I can’t. Maybe that’s it, maybe it’s my destiny to get one for free!

    Thanks for the oportunity guys!

  • auras

    Yes, I want the license

  • Nico

    I want the license

  • SvY

    Thank you for this opportunity, I really need the license but can not afford it

  • Ricardo Pereira

    Active Collab is a great tool. Very useful…

  • Shortshire

    I need something to get my work in order and what the heck i need to do through out the day.

  • Luiz Lopes

    I want a license.

  • Michael

    i want the license

  • Lisandro Vico

    I Want a License

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and had discovered this site a while ago. I like the quality and practicity of the stuff you present here.

    Thanks for the information, adn hope i get a license.

  • patchan

    projectpier :
    is keeping the project open source, but the Iljia did a really good job.

    I want the license


  • Justin DiMucci

    I want the license

  • ricardoe

    I want the license

  • Joel Watson

    I want the license (please) :)

  • Matt Pramschufer

    Looks like a great piece of software. Would love a license.

  • Chris

    I want a license.

  • Andreas

    I want the license.
    Looks like a great piece of software with optimized usability. I will use it in the next projec.
    I want the license.

  • Steve

    Wow, this would really help me out with software development

  • Rob

    I want the license

    and need it :)

  • Michael

    I DEF want a license.
    I’ve been looking for (and needing) something like this…

  • vince verberckt

    Hopefully I win 😛

  • Janie

    Sweet – I want the license!! Thx!

  • Chris

    I want the license …to rock!!

  • Rory Craig-Barnes

    I want the license

  • Chad Allen

    Great application. I want the license

  • Ian Gaenssley

    I want the license!

  • KPonto

    Wow, great post…

    … and…

    I want the license.

  • Marcel Miranda

    would love to win a licence!

  • hisashin

    I want the license.

  • Jeongkyu Kim

    What a nice giveaway! I want the license.

  • Alvaro Lizama

    I want the license

  • MaoP

    I want the license.

    I use project pier, a fork of activeCollab, great software.


  • hunk

    I want the license.

  • k001

    I want the licence 😀

  • h1pp1e

    I want the license.

  • Matt V.

    I want the license.

  • Dr T

    Yes Master …

  • Jeremy Ross

    I want the license!

  • Zafer Arsay

    I was searching for a complete project management solution for our software development team. I discovered and saw activeCollab today. Double luck! I’d be happy if I win a license.

  • Robert

    Nice activeCollab :)

  • chrome

    I want the license

  • Alex

    Looks Great!!!. I want the license

  • Satyajit Tambe

    Yee…Yeee… It’s Great!

    I too Want a License!!!!

    So SQL Query choose me……Because I need it….. :)

  • Dave Marks

    I want the license

    Erm, please? 😀

  • Seattle Web Design

    I want the license … that would be sweeeeet, my friend.

  • ryan

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  • François

    I want the license.

  • Scott

    I want the license!

  • Taeke

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  • Citizen Design Group

    I want the license! Collaboration with our team would be much more effective! Please :)

  • covi

    I want the license, I need this!

  • benem

    I want the License.


  • alex

    I want the license

  • Nathanael

    I want the license – please

  • wites

    I want the license.

    I came across activeCollab before when I was looking for an open-source project management solution for our company. But when they started to charge for it, it became my last choice. Anyway, I hope I would win a license.

  • Ken

    I want the license. Thanks man.

  • Lin

    I want the license

    Wow Sweet!

  • Lukeman

    I want the license, pls.

  • Rob

    I want the license


    I really hope I win. I’m in startup mode and cash is super tight. I’d love a copy of AC activeCollab to customize and integrate into my ordering system.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Maz

    I want the license SOOOO …….

  • dw

    i’d like a license too

  • maik

    I want the license

  • Jason Turnbull

    Nice offer!
    I want the license

  • Greeny

    I want the licence :) Thanks

  • Spencer

    I want the license. Thanks!

  • Devwi

    I want the license

  • lapomme

    I want the license

    I have been looking at this tool for quite a while and would really like to use it

  • jason c

    I want the license

    this looks like a great tool!

  • Andrea Di Marco

    I want the license… please :-;

  • Rami Minar

    We’ve been using ActiveCollab free version for almost 3 years and really happy with it.

    As it is planned very logically we can manipulate the system however we like in means of archiving, project management, document sharing and B2B info sharing.

    I want the license.

    Thanks for the “ultimate” online resource.. WRD rulez!

  • anode7

    I want the license.

  • Xscratch

    I want the license

  • Uwe Kel

    I want the license!

    Thanks to MySQL-God in advance 😉

  • Antony Papamichail

    I want the license

  • Jared

    wooo, i want the license too 😉 activeCollab is one of the best managment tools i know

  • Emi Polak

    I want the license.

  • Issam

    I want the license
    Thanx for sharing !!!

  • Russell

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    Great tool!!! I want the licence!!! :-)

  • Dhruv Patel

    I want the license =)

    SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=400 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type=” GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

  • Philip

    I want the license!

  • Daniel Weimann

    I want the license :)

    Good stuff, quality product, and great site!

  • John

    “I want the license.” I mean, who wouldn’t?

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  • Simon

    Very cool idea !

    I want the license.


  • Gergely Marton

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    I want the license please :)

  • Frederik Heyninck

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  • Tommy

    ActiveCollab, always nice!

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    Very nice of them :)
    And yes, I want the license 😀

  • Sri

    This is a cool site with ton of useful information. Nice work.

  • petr b

    I want the license

  • Marcin J

    well this is cool, i want to enter to win one of the licenses.

  • KiR

    I want the license

  • Ominous

    I’ve seen the demo and it’s very very good 😀 I want the license too :)

  • Jim

    I want the license.


  • David

    I’ve been following AC for sometime now. I like simplicity of the system mixed with a strong feature set. Something other systems fail to integrate well.

    I want the license.

    Most definitely.

  • Raphael

    I want the license, please. :)

  • Steven

    i love aC!

    I want the license

  • bill

    Have been using AC 0.7.1 for over a year now. Would love to win the new license!

  • suat

    i am from turkey and
    I want the license

  • Tobi

    I want the licence!

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  • Robert Murdoch

    When I first discovered activeCollab (thank you basejumper whoever you are), I wept. For half a lifetime now I have been dreaming about getting my dreams organized and underway.

    I want the license. I need the license. I am going to buy it if I don’t get it for free, but given my evangelical feelings toward activeCollab it would feel kismet if it was given to me to quench my undying thirst for collaboration and project planning.

    I have looked at many project management solutions and see that activeCollab is the best. I felt the experience of using it really draws the user in, which is important with web based project management tools. You want the whole team to be driven as if by some ingrained force to put everything in to the project management solution.

    For a great Staycation, try one day putting everything that pains you about a project (or life in general) into activeCollab. Write down all the things that keep you up at night and keep you from unwinding and enjoying life.
    Put it all down in activeCollab and start checking it all off. Feel the blood course through you body again with a new found purpose and efficiency. Feel the trouble melt away.

    I will not be complete as a Citizen, Employee, Leader, or Project Manager without a activeCollab license…

    I want the license

    Robert Murdoch

  • Praveen Kumar

    I too need the license!!

  • laurens de boer

    We use it now for over a year and it works verry smooth

  • zzzworm

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