Adaptive Images: Auto-Deliver Small Images To Small Devices

The increasing variety and usage of device/screen types (cell phone, smart phone, tablet, desktop..) urge the need for serving web content accordingly.

Adaptive Images is a solution for delivering browser-size-specific images for any device.. automatically.

It is JavaScript-PHP-powered where a lightweight JS file detects the browser size and the PHP file resizes the images on the web page. And, all this happens with the help of a .htaccess rule which redirects any requests for .JPG, .GIF or .PNG files to the PHP image processor file.

Adaptive Images

Adaptive Images is a plug 'n' play resource which can be easily integrated into any PHP website.

There is a built-in caching system for minimizing each image only once for each size.

Also, several options for customization exist including "array of browser-image sizes", .JPG quality and more.