Freebie .AI & .EPS Files for Adobe Illustrator

Whether you design interfaces, icons, or print work, Illustrator is a powerful program. Vector graphics can be used in almost any situation because they’re easy to edit and scale. If you’re unfamiliar with Illustrator it may be difficult to create everything from scratch – but luckily there are designers online who release their stuff for free.

This gallery includes 18 free .AI and .EPS files for Adobe Illustrator. Feel free to download any of them and include the designs in your project work. The freebies range from simple line icons to more detailed ribbons or mobile app templates. Illustrator is a versatile piece of software and these freebies are proof of this fact.

80 Tiny Vector Icons

free vector icons 80pack

.AI Iconset

vector icons iconset freebie

Flat Fruits & Vegetables

fruit vegetable icons freebie

Colour Wheel

colour wheel freebie vector

HTC One and Galaxy S4

htc one galaxy s4 phone vectors

Icons for Web

blue freebie vector icons

Food & Drink Icons

freebie food drink iconset

iOS 7 App Icon Template

ai illustrator vector freebie icon template

100 Thin Line Icons

freebie thin line iconset download

Flaticons Set

flaticons freebie ai set

Grey Icons

grey iconset freebie

SEO Vector Icons

seo vector icons illustrator


camera lenses illustrator vector file

75 Line Icons

75 thick line icons freebie

Free Wireframes

free wireframes apps vectors

Ribbon Vectors

ribbon vector graphics freebie

Flat Food Iconset

flat food iconset freebie pack

Location Pin

colorful vector location pin icon freebie