Amazing Multi-User File Manager – FileVista (Giveaway Of 5 Licenses)

FileVista, an impressive file manager application that can be installed on your websites, is giving away 5 x "5 Users License" ($199/each) to WRD readers.

Details on joining the giveaway is mentioned at the bottom of the post. But before that:

What is FileVista?

It is a feature-rich file manager application that works on your browser and offers a desktop-like working experience (even more) for your web files.

The application is built with ASP.NET (works on Windows servers), has a free "single user" version and more users require a license.

FileVista supports every action that can be expected from a file manager like create, delete, rename, copy, move, zip and unzip files + folders.


Actions can be accomplished very quickly as the interface is completely Ajaxed and a context menu (right-click) has shortcuts to everything.

It has a very powerful, permission-based access control system which gives the administrator full control over the contents with features like:

  • creating groups and users
  • locking users/groups into folders with desired rights (user's actions, disk usage and allowed file types)
  • groups can have sub-administrators which can manage the users of that group

FileVista Uploader

Using the application, you can also create custom links to files, set them to be temporary and even password-protected (every file can have its own password).

The file uploader is so nice. It handles multiple file uploads, displays a real-time progress bar and can resume interrupted downloads (handy for large files).

FileVista is multilingual (supports 9 languages) and it is definitely a very useful resource for collaboratively managing + sharing files (a very good fit for interactive agencies).

How to join the giveaway?

It is pretty easy, simply comment to this post and/or tweet this article with hashtag #wrdfilevista (click to tweet easily). You can do both to increase the chances.

Winners will be selected randomly on 9 February 2011 (1 week later).

Good luck to everyone.