Attractive Forms With jQuery: Uniform

Uniform is a jQuery plugin that enables you to control the look & feel of form elements (checkboxes, drop down menus, radio buttons & file upload inputs).

It is unobtrusive & works by hiding the original elements + replacing them with custom ones.

jQuery Uniform

Uniform is very easy to use & can be set to convert every form element on the page or any specific ones.

The plugin has theming support & comes with a theme kit to quickly create unique forms.

  • Clark

    nice solution but it don’t work with explorer 6…

  • David

    Yes, it’s true, it DOESN’T work on IE6. But no problem…

  • Of course it does not work IE6, I suggest stop supporting it!

  • rodrigo

    IE6 must die!

  • c0lin

    Unfortunately it doesn’t style inputs and buttons. Though I imagine this is a feature they will be adding in the future so I have high hopes for this to one day be a replacement for jqTransform.

  • Sunny


    Nice solution.
    Uniform by default apply theme to every form element.
    But I don’t want to apply this style to every form field. I want to apply my own style to input element and submit button.

    How do I do it??

    Please help…./