Beautiful, Open Source & Real-Time Chat App With ASP.NET – JabbR


It is kinda easy to find high-quality open source web apps in PHP or JavaScript. But that’s a little harder for ASP.NET.

JabbR is one of those treasures, it is an open source ASP.NET app for real-time chats.

The app uses SignalR library for the communication and allows users to register/sign-in with their e-mails or via social auth (Facebook, Google, etc.).

Open Source ASP.NET Chat - JabbR

Users can define an avatar for themselves and communicate in a chat room (multiple chat room support with a tabbed interface) or privately.

It can display inline content from multiple sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, imgur, Google Docs and much more.

There are multiple notification types so that you also keep up with the conversation (Chrome pop-ups, live Twitter mentions or audio).

JabbR support Emojis, has keyboard shortcuts and IRC-like commands. Also, it has a responsive layout.