Best Photoshop Tutorials for Learning the Pen Tool

When it comes to selecting an object I couldn’t rant enough about the pen tool. It’s very difficult to start learning which is why so many designers never practice. But once you understand the basics you can try outlining complex animals, people, and even capture the smaller intricacies like strands of hair.

If you’re desperate to learn the Photoshop pen tool just read through any number of these tutorials. I guarantee you will be surprised with consecutive months of diligent practice.

Pen Basics

photoshop tools selection basics

Pen Tool Comprehensive Guide

comprehensive complete guide pen tool photoshop

Taming the Pen Tool

taming the pen tool photoshop howto

Hidden Features

hidden features pen tool photoshop

Pen Tool: 30 Minutes to Master

tutorial pen tool photoshop 30 minutes

Extra Techniques

simple techniques to master pen tool

Photoshop Masking

masking with photoshop pen tool howto

Creating Selections

creating selections pen tool tutorial

Pen Guidelines

pen tool guide howto jargon free

Best Pen Tool Tutorial (VIDEO)

youtube free comprehensive pen tool video

Curves & The Pen Tool (VIDEO)

curves and the pen tool photoshop video

Photoshop Pen Tool

how to use pen tool in adobe photoshop

3 Hidden Pen Tool Tips

three hidden photoshop pen tool tips

Paths & Bezier Curves

paths curves bezier tutorial pen tool

Pen Tool Extraction

extract clipping select tutorial photoshop pen tool