Best Tools & Resources for Document OCR

PDF files and other related formats are usually secured without editing. Sometimes you’ll also get files which behave like a flat image where you can’t even select the text. This can get pretty frustrating if you’re working on a detailed project. But thankfully we have technology called optical character recognition.

This task known as OCR can distinguish various letters on a page, much like turning an image into a contextual document. There are some great tools and plugins out there on the web for this exact purpose. I’ve put together an excellent compilation in the showcase below.

Adobe Acrobat

adobe acrobat professional application software


ocr kit software program ocrkit

Google Drive

google drive document upload ocr


pdf ocr x mac osx application program

Prizmo 2

mac app store osx prizmo ocr program

PDFPen 6

pdf pen 6 osx software mac program

Online OCR

webapp online free ocr recognition


free ocr upload recognize text webapp


capture 2 text software program freeware

Ocr Gui

ocr gui software program windows freeware


gtk frontent tessarect ocr program gimage reader


vietocr program software desktop gui ocr


open desktop ocr software gui kit freebie

Free OCR to Word

ocr to text words free software online webapp

Readiris 14

readiris ocr software document scanning