Best Tutorials for Learning PHP-Based API Development


Backend PHP development is still one of the most popular choices for creating dynamic websites. Although Ruby on Rails has become a favorite amongst developers, PHP thrives in a global environment with free code snippets and CMS engines like WordPress.

When delving further into PHP you start to learn about HTTP requests, file uploads, and special regex commands. One of the tenets of advanced PHP programming is working with 3rd party APIs. These APIs allow developers to pull out data from other websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. This post offers a handful of free tutorials dedicated to PHP API development working with a number of popular website APIs.

Vine API

vine videos through twitter api

Etsy API Page

php etsy api search webapp

Reddit Search App

reddit domain jquery api search

Vimeo Instant Search

vimeo instant search webapp tutorial

Instagram Photo Search

dynamic instagram photo search webapp api

Yahoo! Answers App

yahoo answers api webapp tutorial

Web Service API

api web service how to build

Google API Client

how to build google api client webapp

API Webapps

DeviantArt API Search

deviantart api instant search

TinyURL Generator

tinyurl generator webapp tutorial link

Beginner Ajax

beginners guide to ajax php

YouTube OAuth API

php youtube api code video tutorial

Mozscape API Tutorial

mozscape api tutorial howto

WordPress API Settings

wordpress open source api tutorial

Dribbble API

howto dribbble api tutorial php

Twitter API App

how to code tutorial twitter api