Best Tutorials on SVG & CSS3 Animation

Once you understand the basics of CSS it’s natural to move onto more detailed subjects. Animation is one such area which has been quite complicated until recently. CSS3 allows frontend developers to animate subjects without any JavaScript whatsoever. SVG images can be used with CSS3 to create stretchy and vectorized animations. The following tutorials should get you on the right track towards mastering SVG animation with CSS.

Christmas Lights

animated svg christmas lights

SVG Files in Illustrator

exporting svg from adobe illustrator

Manipulation with CSS

css manipulation svg icons

SVG Social Icons

svg social icons sprites

Animated SVG Icon

circle svg animation icons loader

Snap.svg Animation

snap svg js tutorial

SVG Basics

using svg in web design basics

Animating SVGs with CSS

anmating svgs with css editor

SVG Loaders

loading animation with svg

SVG Path Animation

svg path animation howto tutorial

Ultimate Guide to SVG

ultimate guide to svg tutorial

Interactive Timeline

interactive infographic svg timeline

Elastic SVG Elements

elastic svg elements tutorials

A Look Into: SVG Animation

a look into svg animation

Advanced SVG Animation Path

advanced animation with svg howto tutorial