Best WordPress Cheat Sheets and Code Resources

Although WordPress has gotten easier to manage for administrators it has grown very complex for developers. There are numerous APIs and it seems like every update includes more detailed functionality. How can you keep up with all of these changes? Well aside from converting into a cybernetic organism to download information right into your brain, you’ll just have to study and practice.

Memorization is the key to mastery as well as repetition. This gallery includes 15 cheatsheets for WordPress APIs, loops, theme anatomy, plugin development, and plenty of other resources. If you’re trying to learn a specific part of WordPress then this collection will definitely have something for you. Alternatively you might download a copy of these cheatsheets and keep them stored locally for future reference.

WP Reference Guide

wordpress reference guide v3 online

Loop Visual Model

wordpress loop visual model cheatsheet

Theme Anatomy

wordpress theme anatomy cheatsheet

PHP Shortcodes

wordpress v3 cheatsheet lits of php tags

Personalized Cheatsheet

personalized wordpress cheat sheet hints tricks

WP University Sheet(PDF)

wordpress university intro cheatsheet pdf

Common Code Snippets(PDF)

common wordpress code snippets cheatsheet pdf

Visual Cheatsheet(PDF)

wordpress visual cheatsheet wp open source tags

Theme Tags(PDF)

wordpress theme tags php pdf

Template Design

wordpress template design cheatsheet

Template Hierarchy

wordpress 3 template hierarchy cheatsheet

Theme Files

wordpress theme coding files cheatsheet

WP Snippets

wordpress free open source snippets


wordpress v3 snippets open source library freebie

WordPress Generator

generate wp code generator free webapp