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Previously, at WRD, very nice color palette generation tools were introduced.

Colourcode is another one which offers a very original-yet-easy way of creating them.

The color schemes are generated with the mouse location/movements and multiple options exist for setting the scheme type: monochrome (with light/dark grey), analogic, triad and more.


Once created, it can be downloaded as styles (.less and .scss) or .png. It is also possible to save the palette for future use or share with a link.

Colourcode can be used freely online or, it is open source, it can be self-hosted.

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  • Web Colour Data is a web service to easily find out “which colors are used on a web page”.

    It works by simply submitting a URL and the service auto-extracts + analyzes the colors in it.

    The color palette is presented with a breakdown in percentages and hue distribution.

    Also, it is a good source of color inspiration as palettes used in many popular websites are displayed as well.

    Web Colour Data

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  • iWantHue is a web-based color palette generator that provides powerful settings for finding the colors that play well with each other.

    It works by defining a range of hue, chroma +lightness and the app can return a palette of any size instantly.


    The palettes are provided in multiple formats (RGB or HEX, as a list or JSON) and, also, there are also presets to create faster.

    iWantHue is open source and anyone can use it to create palettes with only JavaScript.

    For every design, we probably think which colors to use as colors are one of the most important elements in visual communication.

    BrandColors is a curated gallery of major brand color codes to help us get inspired on choosing ours.

    The gallery is mostly focused on web and technology brands and it is also good to see which colors are preferred the most.


    Check My Colours is a free-to-use web application for analyzing the color contrasts used on a web page.

    It checks the foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements and lets us to know if they have enough contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits.

    Check My Colours

    Once a URL is submitted, it lists all the elements + their contrast levels and marks any problematic elements. Also, it allows us to play with their colors online to find the right color.

    P.S. The tests ran are based on the algorithms suggested by W3C

    Colllor is a free-to-use web application that helps us to create a more consistent color scheme.

    For any given color, the app displays the exact value of darker shades of it (not something that looks darker but the ones that derive from the same color where all have a common denominator sharing hue, lightness or saturation values).


    Using Colllor, we can easily explore tints, shades, tones or similar colors and mix colors to create new ones.

    It understands both the HEX values and color names. Also, you can instantly pass the color name to the URL (like to get started quickly.

    P.S. There is also a Chrome application for it.

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  • Colors is a standalone JavaScript library that comes with features to manipulate colors in multiple ways.

    The library can handle multiple types of unit conversions including RGB to a Hexadecimal and Hexadecimal to RGB or HSV.

    It can get the complimentary color of any Hexadecimal or RGB value and can generate random color values.

    P.S. The library is still under heavy development and in beta phase.

    Colors JavaScript Library

    In order to get inspired on colors and color-oriented design resources, there are several popular websites that are focused totally on colors, like Kuler from Adobe.

    Colrd is another one where you can find high quality color palettes, gradients or patterns and also share your creativity with others.

    With a simplistic interface that highlights the resources, it is possible to filter items by colors, popularity and even hue, luminance, etc.

    P.S. Colrd has also created and sharing several open source color pickers.


    Color Explorer is a free-to-use website which offers various tools to work with colors more efficiently.

    You can upload an image to get the colors used in it automatically, browse color libraries (W3 named colors, web-safe colors, Focoltone, etc.), convert them between formats or make contrast analysis.

    Color Explorer

    Optionally, and for free, you can sign-up as a registered member, create color palettes and save them for future use.

    And, yes, there is definitely a cool color picker (which can also offer variations).

    COLOURlovers, an impressive website/community focused on colors, is sharing a handy tool named COPASO.

    The tool is a web-based color palette generator for creating palettes and saving them for future use.

    COPASO - Color Palette Generator

    COPASO allows you to pick the colors from a color wheel or upload an image, optionally pixelate it, and grab from there.

    There is a built-in search to find colors and palettes generated by the community with a sorting feature using various parameters.

    P.S. Some features requires signing-in with a free membership.

    Uptime Robot