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Roam Design, an award-winning creative marketing consultancy, is sharing 99+ Icons which is a set of slick, monochrome and vector icons.

The items in the set include actions, media, devices and mobile-specific ones like battery status icons.

99+ icons comes as a .AI file and it is free to be used in personal projects (or in commercial projects with a link back).

99+ Icons

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  • Seven Icon Pack is a set of 475 high-quality, vector and free icons that has items for actions, social networking, devices and more.

    They come in .SVG + in transparent PNG with 32*32px, 48*48px and 100*100px sizes.

    And, they are free to be used in both personal and commercial projects.

    P.S. The download requires free sign-up.

    Seven Icon Pack

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  • IconShock, the well-known icon design company, is sharing a huge set of free credit card icons.

    The set consists of 61 icons including almost every possible payment processor (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.).

    They come in 3 formats:

    • .AI
    • .PSD (24*24px, 32*32px, 48*48px and 64*64px)
    • .PNG (24*24px, 32*32px, 48*48px, 64*64px, 128*128px, 256*256px and 512*512px)

    All items are pixel perfect and can be used in both personal + commercial projects.

    Vector Credit Card Icons

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  • Alex Peattie, a talented freelance web designer and developer, has created a high-quality and vector social icons set.

    The set has 100 icons and includes items for every major social network (Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, YouTube and many others).

    They are provided as:

    • a whole in .AI + .EPS formats (90px*90px on 100px*100px artboards)
    • individual files in .PNG (32*32px) and .SVG formats

    Monochrome Social Icons

    The icon set can be downloaded from WRD:


    or from Alex Peattie's website.

    This vector social icons set is free to be used in both personal and commercial projects.

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  • IconDemon, a website focused on creating and offering eye-catching + exclusive icons, is giving away 5 annual memberships (3*$19 memberships and 2*$99 memberships) to WRD readers.

    Joining the giveaway is very easy and details can be found below. Before that:

    What is IconDemon?

    IconDemon is designing and presenting 5300+ high-quality stock icons where it is possible to find items for any taste.


    The icons are presented with 20 categories (like business, system or line icons) and 10 design styles (like 3d, pixel or vista icons) that help finding the right ones quickly.

    All these web Icons are available in .PNG format with multiple sizes (64×64px, 80×80px, 100×100px and 128×128px).

    IconDemon Icons

    There are 2 membership types offered:

    • Unlimited – any number of icons can be downloaded (priced $99/year)
    • Limited – 500 items can be downloaded (priced $19/year)

    where both can be a good fit/deal according how frequently you use icons.

    IconDemon Icons

    How to join the giveaway?

    It is so easy. Just leave a comment to this post mentioning "how you would like to apply the icons in your websites or applications".

    Winners will be selected from commenters randomly with the query below (first 2 results gets the unlimited licenses and the other 3 is getting the limited licenses) and announced 1 week later (28 Feb 2011):

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    Good luck to everyone.

    (ico)trip is a website which creates/shares a new icon and makes it downloadable as a .PNG file each day.

    Rather than widely used icons, the project focuses on items that we may not find elsewhere.


    Icons are mono-colored, in 126*94px size and they are all very detailed.

    The website also has a RSS feed which you can subscribe to get the new icon every day.

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  • NounProject is a beautiful project which collects, organizes and extends the highly recognizable symbols used all around the world.

    There are ~300 items, new ones are added regularly and they are all in high quality .SVG format.

    All symbols are totally free to use and what could make it better is the ability to download all in a single package.


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  • LinkDeck is a free set of social icons which has 37 items in grayscale color.

    The icons are in .PSD format and has 5 sizes included (16*16px, 32*32px, 64*64px, 128*128px, 256*256px).

    Icons of many popular social services exist in the set (like, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Gogle Maps, WordPress and much more).

    LinkDeck Social Icons

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  • GestureWorks, a multitouch framework for Flash and Flex, is sharing a beautiful set of free gesture icons.

    The set includes ~200 icons and comes in different formats (.PNG, .EPS, .PDF) with different download packs (every item being an individual file or as a poster).

    Touch Gesture Icons

    Items are presented under 2 main categories:

    • Multitouch gestures
    • Stroke gestures

    and each of them has sub-titles like: tap gestures, rotate gestures, number strokes, etc.

    A very handy resource for anyone designing/developing mobile applications (and for anyone documenting them).

    X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 application, using <canvas> tag,  that allows you to create high resolution icons.

    It generates the icons in .ICO format with 4 different resolutions embedded: 64×64, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16.

    X-Icon Editor

    This makes it a perfect fit for IE9 as the browser uses multiple-sized favicons in different screens (address bar, tab page, site mode).

    There are tools like brush, pencil, text or shapes for drawing the icon. Also, it is possible to import any image and edit it.

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