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Glyphish is a set of 130 beautiful & free icons that are optimized for use on toolbars/tab bars in iPhone applications (but they are also great to be used in websites as well).

The icons in the set has various sizes in transparent PNG. Also the .PSD & .AI files are included in the download package which makes editing/improving them possible.

iPhone Application Icons

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  • Benjamin Reid is sharing a set of 81 social bookmarking icons named Social Media Bookmark Icon + where it is possible to find almost every social network.

    The "+" in the name refers to the continuous additions being made to the set upon user requests.

    Social Bookmark Icon Set

    They come in 3 different sizes:

    • 16*16px
    • 32*32px
    • 122*42px (large buttons)

    And, all icons are in PNG format.

    VisualPharm is sharing various sets of beautiful free icons that are offered in Windows, Mac & PNG formats.

    Icon sets are themed differently from animals to office space or finance icons. And, a set named "Must Have Icons" which includes 59 icons is a nice fit to be used in web applications.

    VisualPharm Icon Sets

    All sets come in 7 popular sizes: 16*16px, 24*24px, 32*32px, 48*48px, 64*64px, 128*128px & 256*256px.

    They are free to use in personal & commercial projects (a link back is required).

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  • Using icons in e-commerce websites is almost a standard as users generally search for a shopping cart icon to view the items in the basket or credit card icons to find out if such a payment option exists.

    With this 2nd post of E-Commerce Week, here is a collection of free e-commerce icons that you can use in your projects.

    WebResourcesDepot E-Commerce Icons (Vectors Included)

    E-Commerce Icons

    The free e-commerce icon set is created exclusively for WebResourcesDepot by the talented team at IconShock (like promised).

    The set comes with 5 icons both in PNG & AI (Illustrator) files so, if wanted, they can be resized or modified easily.

    Info: This icon set can not be distributed without permission. If you'll be sharing it in a website, please use the URL of this post as the download link. Thanks.


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    Sanscons+ is a set of 121 individual pixel icons whose colors can be customized via CSS.

    Customizing the colors is not a big trick but smart as all the icons are transparent GIF files & adding a background-color style to them simply changes their color.

    Sanscons Plus

    The icon set is the larger version of the standard Sanscons icons (16*16px) & comes in 4 sizes:  32*32, 48*48, 64*64 and 128*128 pixels.

    P.S. a CSS customization example can be found at the standard Sanscons icons page.

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  • Quartz Icon Set is a collection of 90 simple but stylish icons that are in 64*64px size & PNG format.

    The set contains icons from "files/folders" to main website objects like "search, home, download" or social bookmarking ones.

    They are free to use in both personal 6 commercial projects.

    P.S. Thanks very much to Andy Gongea, the designer of the set, for the suggestion. And, the set is also shared on his website.

    Quartz Icon Set

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  • Origami Icons is a set of 15 sticker-like & beautiful icons that comes in 5 different sizes (16px, 32px, 48px, 128px, and 256px) as Windows ICO and 32-bit transparent PNG files.

    It includes popular icons like chart, calendar, e-mail, search, save & more. Also, to create new ones or edit them, the Adobe Illustrator (AI) file is in the download package too.

    Free Sticker-Like Icons

    P.S. They are free to use in both personal & commercial projects.

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  • Led Web Icons is a set of 500 icons (currently) which is very suitable to be used in web applications.

    It is inspired by 3 icon sets:

    and includes totally original icons without any repeating ones.

    Sizes of the icons are 16*16px & they are in PNG format. A preview of the full set can be found here.

    Web App. Icon Set

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  • Iconza is a free icon set which can be customized instantly with the help of a web-based application.

    Users can choose any color, background color & size (16*16px, 24*24px or 32*32px) for the icons. After that, whole set (PNG files) can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

    The set has 70 icons & covers the most popular ones that can be used in web applications like actions, arrows, users, e-mail, RSS & more.

    Customizable Icon Set

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  • Free icons are great resources for web designers as quality ones help creating beautiful outputs. But they are better when they come with the source files as it is possible to edit/improve them.

    Smashing Magazine is sharing Flavour Extended icon set, a set of 450+ icons, that is created by Oliver Twardowski.

    Free PSD Icon Set

    Icons are in 48*48px size & PNG format. PSD source files are also included.

    The set contains icons of users, folders, file formats, actions, social bookmarking services & more.

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