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User interface designers are always searching for the latest trends. To understand digital interfaces you need to think about design from a user’s point of view. Sometimes looking over a set of example designs can help you gather ideas quickly.

Whether you design for mobile devices or large desktop monitors, there are plenty of design galleries you can find online. This post includes a handful of galleries related to web design, responsive design, and mobile applications.

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Using multiple fonts in any design is an excellent way to create interest as well as to draw a viewer’s eye to important content. Choosing the right mixture of fonts, though, can be difficult. Without some knowledge as to how to fit the different typefaces or font styles together, a design could become quite overwhelming and confusing.

Of course, knowing what fonts to use together also requires a bit of intuition. If you don’t quite have the eye, simply start browsing through typographical posters, websites, and other graphic designs that excellently utilize different fonts. You will eventually be able to tell what fonts simply draw the eye more than others in a design and which ones mesh well together. When this intuition is combined with some basic tricks for mixing and matching fonts, you will become quite the expert in choosing beautiful blends of fonts, no matter the design.

Below are the basic tips you need to know before jumping into using mixed fonts in graphic or web design, along with some excellent examples of good practice. So take some time to read through the following rules, do some research to see more mixed typography in use, and then you should be ready to try some multiple font designs on your own.

Beware of Font Overkill

Less is always more in design, and this rule is no exception when it comes to mixing fonts. Too many different fonts – or even simply too many font styles and colors – and you’ll not emphasize anything. Viewers won’t know where to look first when they see a page layout. Their eyes will jump from one to the other for a second or two, and the majority will give up trying to decipher where to begin reading than struggle through the confusing text. Keep in mind that the point of using multiple fonts is to increase the aesthetics of a design, create hierarchy and order in content, and to highlight important information.

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Once, CSS galleries were so much popular and any web designer hunting for inspiration were visiting them regularly.

They are still handy to find exciting stuff quickly (Dribbble and Behance help a lot too).

Similar galleries exist when it comes to mobile app design and I believe they are even more useful. That’s because “it is harder to get mobile app inspiration without installing + using them which takes more time + effort“.

These 12 galleries list beautiful app UIs, categorize them nicely and some of them also lists them by patterns:

Lovely UI


Mobile Patterns



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  • For every design, we probably think which colors to use as colors are one of the most important elements in visual communication.

    BrandColors is a curated gallery of major brand color codes to help us get inspired on choosing ours.

    The gallery is mostly focused on web and technology brands and it is also good to see which colors are preferred the most.


    Web Typography for the Lonely is a website that creates awesome typography using web standards (such as SVG, Html5 canvas and CSS3) and JavaScript.

    There are both static and interactive examples and all of them are documented in detail.

    Web Typography for the Lonely

    It is possible to download the sources of the experiments and also find the related articles/resources that inspired or helped completing the experiments.

    P.S. Some of the depend on various other libraries like jQuery or Raphael.js, however, the developer targets to make them standalone.