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BlendMeIn is a free Photoshop extension to search for icons, vectors and other design resources right inside Photoshop.

Once you reached a specific resource, it can be drag ‘n’ dropped into the current composition which is a time-saver.

It is available as CS6 + CC extensions and, if you created similar design resources, you can contact them for addition too.

Update (17 Nov 2013): There is now a n Illustrator version of the extension too.

BlendMeIn - Photoshop Extension

For designs created to be displayed on iOS or any other Retina-Display device, we need to create high quality version the right way.

Retinize It is a set of 2 free Photoshop actions where one of them slices the selected layer (or group) and the other for slicing +  scaling it by 200%.

These actions are a time-saver for anyone that regularly creates designs for websites in Photoshop. Simple-yet-handy.

Retinize It

Drawscript is a free Adobe Illustrator extension for generating graphics code from shapes.

The extension is capable of converting them into codes like Obj-C, C++, JavaScript, Processing, ActionScript 3, JSON and raw bezier points.


It has the ability to add any prefixes for the elements created, can auto-detect rectangles and ellipses for using the related methods of each coding environment.

Drawscript is pretty handy for anyone willing to skin UIs, create vector assets for gaming and learn vector graphics programming.

There is no limit on the effects that can be created/applied with Photoshop. Once you have the time, it is possible to fine tune any filter to get great results.

Once you don’t have that time, using actions created by professionals is a very smart step to get things done quickly and still nicely.

MightyDeals, the website of creative deals, is now offering a pack of 205 high-quality Photoshop actions for a price of $17 rather than $238.

MightyDeals Photoshop Actions

The pack is created by and includes actions for Sunset & Sunrise, Black & White, Fashion, Autumn, Vintage, Faded & Hazy, Light Leaks, Monochromatic, and even more.

Once an action is applied, it leaves the original image layer untouched but adds the effects as layers.

MightyDeals Photoshop Actions

This is not only smart for keeping the original but also gives the power to easily edit and/or any of the effects applied.

These Photoshop Actions is a very handy set for Photoshop + photography fans and it is only available for the next few hours.

Once we design a web project in Photoshop, it takes some time to slice it and export all the assets to multiple image files.

Cut&Slice me is a great and free Photoshop plugin that can fasten this process with the smart features it offers.

First of all, it trims any unnecessary pixels while exporting. Also, it understands that "a group of layers" needs to be treated as a single object and cuts them perfectly.

Cut&Slice me Photoshop plugin

When designing buttons, once the layers are named with the format mentioned by the plugin, it can auto-slice the multiple states of that button.

Also, for designs created at full resolution, Cut&Slice me can export to iPhone + Android retina/xhdpi (ldpi, mdpi and hdpi) with only one click.

Let's say you have created a website design in Photoshop and the project consists of 3 files: homepage.psd, subpage.psd and blog.psd. And, you are using some common elements in all three like buttons, the background, etc.

Wouldn't it be great "only to update these common elements" and all the PSDs were updated?

CanLinkIt, a Photoshop plugin does that. It can link any PSD or image file Photoshop files to another.

Photoshop - CanLinkIt

The linked files are not updated automatically but this feature is triggered manually (with an "Update All" button) considering you may not want this synchronization to happen for some elements.

Also, for anyone designing a project as a team and using a file sync/storage service like Dropbox, you can edit one file while your teammate is working on a piece of that file and it's only one click to merge them.

CSS3Ps is a free Photoshop plugin that allows us to convert shapes in a PSD file into CSS3-powered elements.

It has support for Photoshop versions starting from CS3 and works by re-directing any conversion requests to the website of the plugin.

The CSS3 rules for the shapes are created within seconds and presented with the output.

It works well with objects in any shape and there is support for gradients.


Tych Panel is a free and open source Adobe Photoshop extension for automating the process of placing pictures side by side with pre-defined sizes.

It simplifies creating diptychs, triptychs, quadtychs and almost any type of custom layouts.

Tych Panel

There is support for "Smart Objects" and, when enabled, all layers are converted to "Smart Objects" and get the appropriate layer masks.

The extension also comes with various other options like the ability to run actions, adding a background color to compositions and more.

Designing grid-based layouts in Photoshop is usually a headache as it takes time to calculate and position many vertical + horizontal guides.

GuideGuide is a free Photoshop plugin which simplifies creating grids in Photoshop with only a few clicks.

GuideGuide Photoshop Plugin

After defining a few variables (number of rows/columns, gutter width, etc.), it instantly generates the grid using Photoshop guides. And, for any active selections in the document, the plugin sets the grid within the limits of the selection.

Also, any frequently-used grid settings can be saved for later use.

P.S. Smashing Magazine has a very nice article on the usage details of the plugin.

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  • Mr. Stacks is a Photoshop script for quickly and automatically creating storyboards, stacks, and PDF(s) to be used in client presentations, CD check-ins. etc.

    Just take any normal sized banner, define few options like the name, background color or "numbering to be printed over them" and your storyboard is ready. Afterward, they can be exported into various files types including PDF

    Simply, it helps a lot in accomplishing one of the most monotonous tasks in art direction.

    Mr. Stacks

    Uptime Robot