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A traditional designer might prefer pencil and paper for wireframing. This is still a popular choice and for good reason: it works. But some designers are moving into the digital realm for wireframing mobile interfaces and general website layouts.

The following applications are completely free to use and come equipped with everything you’d need. Some are web applications while others are programs you download and install on your computer. Either way these are perfect for anyone who wants to get into wireframing without the pecuniary commitment.


moqups design webapp

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Whether you’re into photography or UI design, Photoshop is considered the premiere tool for both. Workflow tips and keyboard shortcuts are great ways to save time but Photoshop actions can be just as useful. These are automated tasks which run over any number of documents at the click of a button.

Most designers create their own actions but some are happy to release actions online for free. This gallery includes 20 free actions that you can download and reuse in your own Photoshop design work.

No More Banding

photoshop free action no more banding

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As new UX and UI tools come on the market, many of them have new and improved features that can make your design efforts faster, easier, and with more satisfying results.

Nearly all of the highly-rated tools listed below have powerful rapid prototyping features. Most of them make it easy for you to share your work with others, and several of them are especially suited for use by widely dispersed project teams. Our listing also includes UI design resources. Stay tuned and check-out the newest and perhaps the best UI and UX tools and eesources on the market. performs many of the same functions as do many of the other tools in this list, but this tool takes the art of rapid prototyping to the next level. It is especially adept at giving you valuable insights as to what your final product will look like and how it will perform, while you are still in the early stages of design. Thanks to its extensive and comprehensive UI library, has made the use of static mocks and hotspot prototypes obsolete.
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  • Not every designer loves prototyping but it is a huge part of the creative process. Learning how to prototype on paper can be a great start, but it’s not always the easiest method. Software and webapps have been created to make the process easier for wireframing interfaces and drafting prototypes or storyboards digitally.

    Take a look at these tools and see if anything catches your attention. Getting started with prototyping is much easier than you would think! Just like any skill it requires patience and lots of practice. Some of these products are free while others offer a free demo/trial account. But even if you don’t like prototyping on a computer you can always go back to drafting on paper.

    Frame Box

    framebox lightweight wireframing tool

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    Apple has been a big proponent of the cloud revolution with their iCloud service and cloud-based apps. Now most websites and social networks offer solutions to keep data in the cloud. Naturally the next step would be creating web applications that run solely in your web browser. How far into a futuristic utopia do we have to wait for these webapps?

    Thankfully we have quite a few available to us right now(the utopia part is debatable). This gallery includes 11 very helpful web applications for designers who want to work directly in the browser. It’s possible to create mockups, wireframes, patterns, and color schemes all from the comfort of your web browser. George Jetson would be so proud.


    wireframe cc webapp minimalist prototyping

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