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Textures are a great way to add personality and depth to a design, and a lot of times clients need their design to follow some trends or things that are happening, such as seasons. Spring is here, and with the new season sometimes we need to adapt things. To make things easier for you, today we have a few free flower textures that will help you to make the necessary changes to your projects. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Backgrounds have a huge effect on how a website looks and feels. Switching from a light to dark one or even changing the direction of stripes used changes things a lot.

    SubtlePatterns Bookmarklet is a simple but “so awesome” bookmarklet that enables testing the lovely backgrounds provided by SubtlePatterns instantly on any website.

    Once clicked, it loads a select box to choose the pattern category and try the items inside one-by-one with the help of prev-next buttons.

    SubtlePatterns Bookmarklet

    In order to get inspired on colors and color-oriented design resources, there are several popular websites that are focused totally on colors, like Kuler from Adobe.

    Colrd is another one where you can find high quality color palettes, gradients or patterns and also share your creativity with others.

    With a simplistic interface that highlights the resources, it is possible to filter items by colors, popularity and even hue, luminance, etc.

    P.S. Colrd has also created and sharing several open source color pickers.


    Since ever, we create patterns as image files and use them in web pages by simply attaching them to the backgrounds of elements via CSS.

    Patternizer, a web-based pattern design application, brings a different approach in how we create and use them.


    The application enables us to design a pattern by simply inserting any number of stripes, rotating them and setting their properties like opacity, color, width or offset.

    While we are designing the pattern, the application generates a code including the values of variables which can be used with a JS-library provided (patternizer.js) to build that pattern with HTML5 <canvas>. No images used, just a lightweight JavaScript file and few rules.

    The method usually ends up in a smaller-sized solution and, best of all, the pattern can be manipulated by simply changing the values.

    Also, with a free membership, it is possible to save and share patterns created.

    Subtle Patterns is a fresh website sharing simplistic yet high-quality patterns that are created by Atle Mo.

    As the name says; the patterns are difficult to recognize and analyze. But, they help creating a soft contrast with the rest of the design.

    Every pattern tile perfectly and, besides .GIF files for each item, they are available as a single .PAT (Photoshop pattern) file.

    Subtle Patterns

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