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Pico is an open source CMS application that is capable of very few things, which is the main point.. : ).

It uses flat-files as the database and built with PHP. Simply, there is no setup and the app works instantly.

Pico CMS

The contents are stored in .md files,  markdown formatting is used and they can be edited in your favorite text editor.

For the designs/theming, Pico makes use of the Twig templating engine and it is documented well.

Web Start Today is a web-based site builder service that simplifies creating websites that look and behave good.

The service has 1000s of templates where each of them has versions with different color schemes.

Besides any standard templates, there is an increasing list of responsive ones which guarantee that the website will work fine on screen sizes from mobile-to-desktop.


And, they are all categorized per industry which simplifies locating the right template quickly.

Any number of pages can be added, they can be customized live (while browsing) and any type of media can be used (image, video, audio).

Sites created with Web Start Today are SEO-friendly and they come with robust hosting.


Also, they provide an “Hire a Pro” feature which can design the site, write the content and SEO-optimize it for you (all or any).

The service is free when used with a sub-domain and gets paid when you prefer to use your own domain.

The giveaway

Web Start Today is giving away 5 * annual plans to WRD readers and, in order to join, you can choose one of the methods below or do both to increase your chances;

Winners will be selected randomly a week later (5 Jun 2013) and announced in this post:

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Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • Guennadi (comment #1266114)
  • eus (comment #1266137)
  • Abdou (comment #1266113)
  • Alexandre (comment #1266128)
  • vu huynh (comment #1266124)

Congratulations and thanks very much for joining.

Today, many designers/developers and web agencies choose WordPress as the platform to create any type of client or personal websites.

As the number of WordPress sites owned/managed grow within time, it gets complicated to control all of them: their updates, backups, lots of login information, etc.

InfiniteWP is a free and self-hosted application (PHP-MySQL) that allows managing any number of WordPress installations from a single interface.


Under a single login, you can add all your WordPress sites  and perform plugin/version updates, backup/restores and manage themes for a single site or for all of them.

Besides these standard functions, new features can be added with premium add-ons like post or comment management, scheduling backups, generating client reports, Google Analytics integration, uptime monitoring and much more.

InfiniteWP Dashboard

For easier management, sites can also be categorized into groups (actions can be triggered on the group level too).

The application has a modern and easy-to-use interface which makes the usage a joy.

Huge discount for WordPress’ 10th birthday

InfiniteWP, for a limited time, is offering a heavily discounted “lifetime subscription” to its all premium addons + support to celebrate the 10th birthday of WordPress.

Any current and future add-ons + support for the lifetime is offered for $699 (which is normally valued for $5000+). If you plan to integrate InfiniteWP into your business, that’s  good deal.

The giveaway

Also, they are giving away “a preferred premium add-on” to 5 WRD readers.

In order to join, just comment to this post. Winners will be selected with the query below 1 week later (3 June 2013) and announced inside this post.

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Good luck to all.

The winners

  • mr (comment #1266057)
  • dotcompals (comment #1266034)
  • Tim (comment #1266015)
  • Robert (comment #1265984)
  • Bruno França (comment #1265980)

Congratulations and thanks very much for joining.

IM Creator is a very easy to use and hosted website builder that allows anyone to create good-looking websites without diving into any HTML-CSS or JavaScript.

There are many creative templates to choose from where all of them are optimized for search engines and looking good on mobile too.

IM Creator Bio Template

Once the template is picked from a well-categorized list (it is also possible to start with a blank template), the site can be edited live with drag ‘n’ drops.

Inserting new galleries, slideshows, contact forms or menus is just a click away. All of them presented nicely and user-friendly.

One of the most frequent jobs while creating a website, editing images are also handled within IM Creator. There is a built-in image editor for resizing or cropping images.

IM Creator Photographer Template

Also, there are lots of widgets to enhance the website like Google Maps, Twitter timeline, SoundVCloud, Vimeo, Facebook and more.

Websites can integrate with any Google Analytics account, come with free e-mail accounts and new templates are introduced regularly.

How to join the giveaway?

3 lifetime subscriptions (valued $95/year) are being given away. In order to join:

Winners will be announced a week later (13 May 2013) and announced here. Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • Ciril Trcek (comment #1264273)
  • Firebit (comment #1264343)
  • Lukas Janda (comment #1264236)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for being a part of this giveaway.

Moot is a fresh and free web service for instantly creating a discussion environment on any web page.

It is setup so quickly. The service provides you a unique HTML code and, once embedded into any web page, Moot appears.

Btw, Moot loads the full HTML and it is no IFRAME. This makes all types of customizations possible. You can apply CSS or even change interactions via JS.

Hosted Forums And Comments

The service provides a single feed of posts, users can follow any number of topics, view other online users or make searches quickly.

It can be a flat or threaded discussion, works in real-time (no refresh required), has an easy-to-use control panel and supports responsive layouts.

When it comes to the word “social network”, Facebook and Twitter are probably the first ones that come to the mind. And, creating a new one can sounds like “creating an alternative to them (which is kinda crazy)”.

However, there are lots of niche social networks out there which are used by millions of people. And, creating a new one is not something crazy, actually, something not that hard.

Dolphin - Social Network Builder

Dolphin, a professional PHP web application, is the most popular self-hosted solution for building such communities.

The application has all the core features (and more) that can be expected from social networks like connecting with friends, status updates, messaging, chats, image/video sharing, groups or events.

Members can discuss on forums, have personal pages or blogs and there are even e-commerce features where the site owner and/or members can create stores and sell stuff.

Visitors can register with their e-mails or sign-up with Facebook Connect to see which other Facebook friends are there (also invite them).

Dolphin Demo

Considering audio/video is shared too much on social networks and handling audio/video streaming +processing can be expensive, Dolphin has a custom media server that takes care of this.
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Ok, copying is not good.. but getting inspired from other successful projects and learning from them definitely makes sense.

Pinry, an open source web application, eases building Pinterest-like (dynamic-column-grid-layout) websites.

It allows users to register to the app and pin, tag and share media (images, videos and webpages) quickly.

Pinry - Pinterest Clone

And, a bookmarklet exists for saving the content without leaving the pages being browsed.

The application is built with Python (Django) and it is a good starting for creating a community around pinning contents or a bookmarking site for personal use.

When launching a new web project, having a “coming soon” page that collects e-mails of users to notify them about the launch is pretty common.

The same also goes for some other landing pages that ask users to fill a form to move forward.

Desant - Landing Page App

Desant is an open source, single page web application (in Backbone.js managed by Sinatra backend) for handling such cases with ease.

Any page built with it can easily collect user information via forms, it keeps track of the referring URLs and the locations of visitors (by country).

It uses MySQL for storing data and can be installed manually or quickly with Vagrant.

Edicy is a hosted and professional CMS platform that enables designers and developers to create new sites and/or integrate any existing sites.

The platform doesn’t require a hosting account, anything to be installed and  it is always up-to-date + secure.

Edicy CMS

Many templates exist to get started with or new ones can be created with the help of a powerful templating engine.

And, optionally, there is a desktop designer tool which actually launches a small webserver that can render Edicy‘s templates. So that you can keep designing sites in your favorite editor.

There is an easy-to-use content editor to edit sites while browsing, it has a built-in and advanced image editor where you can upload with drag ‘n’ drops and rotate, crop, resize them.

Edicy Editor

Besides images, videos, tables, maps and other widgets can be inserted within few seconds. Also, a form engine exists to create any type of forms and collect data (they can be exported too).

Websites created don’t need to be all static, it can work with databases or product catalogues, has a blog engine and can be integrated with 3rd party apps.

Another very useful feature is the ability to offer the same website in different languages. Once a new language is added, Edicy simply asks you to insert the translated texts.

Edicy Templates

The service has many other features from password-protected pages to, statistics or the ability to managing your domains.

To sum up, Edicy is very handy for anyone willing to create their own site or a bunch of sites for their customers (and get support when needed).

It costs almost the price of a quality hosting account (which is included) and 300,000+ sites are already being managed by it.

Koken is a free and self-hosted CMS (PHP-MySQL) that is focused on building websites where portfolio/gallery is in the core (like designer or photographer sites).

The application has a powerful media manager for the images and videos. It allows organizing items as categories, date captured, license and more.

It has a simple and flexible content editor that allows editing with live previews. Also, inserting media, slideshows or social content (like tweets, Flickr, Instagram and Vimeo) is possible.


Koken has a templating engine for building new themes. And, it is currently in beta but will soon have plugins for extending further.

Also, for Adobe Lightroom users, there is a free “publish services” plugin for easily updating, editing and replacing content.

Uptime Robot