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Moto CMS, one of the leading Flash CMS and Flash template providers, is giving away 3 premium Flash CMS templates (at the price of $220 to $275 each) from their collection to WRD readers for free.

Moto Flash content management system is a powerful application that allows its users to create easily editable, professionally looking and SEO-friendly Flash websites with minimum efforts.

Moto CMS is available as a standalone version (for developers mostly) and along with a Flash CMS template (for both developers and the users with no programming knowledge).


The premium Flash templates are complete Flash websites with Moto CMS integrated that can easily be customized and then managed via the mostly intuitive control panel.

Each Moto CMS template is equipped with the set of built-in components and tools including:

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • MP3 and media player components
  • video and image gallery components
  • the convenient image editor (that allows the users to edit images right within the control panel)
  • news widget
  • RSS module
  • Google Maps widget
  • contact form module
  • and many more.

The template package includes:

  • professional Flash design
  • MotoCMS License
  • lifetime Tech-Support
  • inVersion software updates

and requires PHP 5.2+ with Zend Optimizer 3.3+ to run..

How to Win?

For joining the giveaway to win one of the premium Flash CMS templates, just comment to this post mentioning "why you would like to win".

For increasing your chances, you can tweet about this giveaway with:

  • Giveaway of 3 @motocms Flash CMS Templates at WRD – RT this message & comment to participate! Details: (click to tweet easily)
  • and post a new comment with the link of your tweet

The winners will be selected randomly on 7 June 2011 (1 week later) with the query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=2276 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck everyone!

WordPress is, without a doubt, a very powerful CMS application which makes creating and managing any type of website pretty easy.

Press2Flash is an open source AS3 framework that helps Flash developers to integrate their Flash-powered websites with the backend of this awesome CMS.


It uses XML for communicating with the WordPress API and there are no hacks or workarounds (so the system stays secure).

Besides creating, editing and deleting the contents, there is also support for other functions like featured images, tag cloud and more.

OSClass LogoOSClass is an open source application, built with PHP-MySQL, for creating and managing a classifieds website.

It can be used to display any type and number of items in a categorized interface. Also, there are some sector-specific extensions (cars, jobs, real estate, dating, etc.) for creating lists easily.

OSClass PHP Classifieds Script

The application has a customizable interface with a flexible theming support (there are already several themes provided).

And, besides the extensions mentioned above, there are few others for extending the functionality like Google Maps or PayPal integration, breadcrumbs navigation and more.

Bricolage is an open-source and enterprise-class content management system that makes creating, managing and publishing content very easy.

It is built with Perl, uses MySQL or PostgreSQL for storing data and has a powerful templating system (Mason, Template Toolkit, or PHP).

With the help of this templating system and the flexibility offered on every step, it is possible to build any type of websites.

Bricolage Perl CMS

Bricolage has a group and permission based user management system that eases working as a team where some users can be editors, others being designers, etc.

Besides many other standard CMS features, there is a very handy and built-in alert system which can be setup for many events like an article going online, being edited, etc. to get notified instantly.

Also, there is a well-documented API which enables you to pull and push any type of data from the system.

Textpattern is an open source content management system, built with PHP/MySQL, that offers a flexible usage for designers, publishers/bloggers and end-users.

The application uses built-in tags for retrieving and displaying dynamic content which gives you a complete control over the content and presentation.

With a minimalist admin interface that can be used by an unlimited number of admin users (with custom privileges), Textpattern has the capability to build any type of website with sections, categories and different page layouts.


There are many other features like password-protected articles, anti-spam comment system, integrated file/image management, SEO-friendly URLs and much more.

It can be extended with a huge list of ready-to-use plugins (writing new ones is pretty easy) and an active community + a detailed documentation helps finding answers to any questions.

ImpressPages is an open source CMS application where you can create and edit while browsing.

Creating new themes requires only the knowledge of HTML-CSS and with the help of a drag 'n' drop interface, texts, videos, photos (or photo galleries) and even forms can be inserted quickly + positioned as you wish.


The application is SEO friendly with the URLs generated, automated sitemap and ability to edit meta tags for all pages.

Multilanguage websites are handled in a very flexible way; once a new language is added and the content is created, users can be auto-forwarded to the language matching the setting of their browsers.

There is a built-in newsletter module where you can collect e-mails and send good looking newsletters to users.

ImpressPages also has many other features including RSS support, spam protection for contact forms, logging + error-reporting for the administrator and more.

Treesaver is a JavaScript framework for creating magazine-style layouts that dynamically adapt to a wide variety of browsers and devices.

Both content and design is shaped with standards-compliant HTML + CSS and no JavaScript programming is required.

Treesaver JS

It simply searches for the <article> tags and displays the content inside them, makes browsing them possible with prev-next buttons and auto-generates a "contents" menu.

The JavaScript is under 25K gzipped (pretty important for mobile) and works with most modern browsers (degrades gracefully for others).

Treesaver is not totally mature yet and works best with simply-formatted text and images.

ProcessWire is an open source CMS application that is built with PHP and simplicity in mind.

The application has a very low learning curve as there is no complexity and it is pretty developer/designer friendly considering it's built to adapt to your way of doing things.

With the help of a jQuery-inspired API (a big "plus" for jQuery fans), it gives you the tools to reach data, but you make the markup.


Anything can be built with ProcessWire as all page fields in it are custom fields. It's easy to edit, add, sort or remove fields from pages (via templates) as you see fit.

And, for maximum flexibility, fields can be as simple as containing raw text or numbers, or more complex like rich text editors, page-to-page relations and fields that hold files or images.

The application is friendly for end-users too as no details other than the "things-to-done" are displayed.

It has a modular plugin architecture for extending functionality and a must-check for any designer/developer (specially jQuery users).

FUEL CMS is a hybrid of a framework and a CMS where you can create your models, views + controllers as usual and only use the CMS part when needed.

It has markItUp! integrated as the WYSIWYG editor and enables editing web pages inline in real-time.


The application has a simple interface where users of any level can easily use and it can be controlled by multiple users with a permission-based system.

There are also various exciting features offered like built-in site-wide HTML validation, a cronjob manager to create schedule tasks automatically and more.

JobAppr is an open source PHP application to setup a job board in minutes.

It is possible to create categories (like graphic design, web development, copywriting, etc.) where the job listings will be placed under.


Submitting new job listings can be defined t be free or paid and you can even charge for highlighting an ad (PayPal is already integrated).

Employers can mention information like the title, location, category, details, "how to apply" and more.

There is a RSS feed for all listings and an admin panel is provided to manage the system.

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