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Microblogging, with the wide usage of Twitter, is a hot subject in today’s web.

Using few words & spending less effort compared to the standard blogging, it becomes possible to share knowledge, feelings, etc. And, it keeps users connected to other users with the simple yet powerful community features.

While there are very popular microblogging services like Twitter, Tumblr or Plurk, being a rival may not be (or may be) the best idea. However, in order to create something unique, a community for a closed group or a microblog for a single user, there are still huge opportunities.

Here are 9 open source microblogging applications to create your own:

StatusNet (PHP)


StatusNet (previously Laconica) is the engine which runs the popular microblogging site

It is built with PHP/MySQL & offers a smooth usage as it is a widely used, mature application.

P.S. The source can be found here.

Yonkly (Asp.Net)

Yonkly - Open Source Asp.Net Twitter Clone

Yonkly is an Asp.Net-powered Twitter-clone for creating your own microblogging community network.

Besides the open source version, it has a hosted & an advanced standalone version.

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MODx is a powerful open source CMS that is built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing the data.

It focuses on offering zero restrictions while creating a website & has a flexible template engine + a robust API for creating anything customized.


The application has a crowded community which already created lots of plugins to extend its functionality.

It comes with TinyMCE integrated, which is a great HTML editor, but new ones can be installed with ease.

MODx is also a SEO-friendly CMS with the URLs & meta content it creates.

P.S. The application is not a fresh resource, it is around for more than last 2 years. However, it became more mature & stable with the release of the GA version 1.0. So, you may want to take a look at it again.

OneFileCMS is, just like it sounds, is a tiny content management system which is formed of one file (20.4kb).

It is a database-less PHP script that enables you to view/edit/delete/upload files & folders very quickly.


OneFileCMS is very ideal for anyone who updates their websites by editing the source of the files directly.

It is also a backend for anyone without the need of a FTP connection.

The application has a validated, semantic & commented markup. It is unobtrusive & can be re-branded with ease.

GalleryCMS is an open source CMS application that is specially built for managing image galleries.

The application does not offer a front-end to the galleries. It enables you to create galleries, add images with ease & generates a XML file which can be used for creating the gallery.


The format of the XML file created can be customized which makes GalleryCMS ideal for using with the Flash & JavaScript galleries around that has no backends.

It is built with the CodeIgniter framework & can be installed very quickly.

Stacey is an open source application for creating online portfolios with ease.

It is not a CMS application, the content is managed by creating folders & editing text files.

The application runs with PHP5 & does not require a database or has installation files, just upload & use.

Stacey Portfolio Creator

Stacey has these ready-to-use pages:

  • projects (where they are listed & different images can be viewed with a JS slider)
  • about
  • contact

The look & feel of the portfolio website can be customized by updating pure HTML files (no templating system is used).

Kentico CMS is a powerful, flexible & complete content management system that is built with ASP.NET.

It has various modules that make building any type of website possible from blogs to e-commerce or wikis to social networking.


The application comes with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor for creating/editing the content.

One of the unique features Kentico offers is the worklow management. It allows you to control the process of content creation & modifications by creating custom approval steps (like proofreading, editing, approval, etc.).

Kentico is multilingual & can manage multiple websites from the same administrator panel.

It has an API that allows you to script any Kentico CMS operation (like creating a new document, user or even the whole web site) which is great for integrations with any 3rd party software. On the other hand, with the modules integrated, there is almost no extra function needed. Here are all the modules it offers:

which simply show what the application is capable of.

And, these are not all it has. Kentico generates SEO-friendly URLs, has full-text search support, a powerful role-based security system & much more..

Besides the paid versions, it offers a limited free version which is ideal for smaller websites. The free edition have no time limitation & can be used even for commercial purposes with no additional cost. It can be downloaded from here.

Trees For BugsKentico CMS is reliable and stable product & I didn’t came to any bug. But if that occurs, the company promises to fix it within 7 working days, furthermore they plant a tree in the name of the client who finds the bug. You can read more about this interesting initiative here.

The product can be evaluated by downloading the TRIAL or FREE editions. Other way is to use the Virtual Lab service which allows you to test-drive Kentico CMS on-line, without installing anything on your local PC.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

Pubwich is an open-source PHP application that enables anyone to display the data from multiple websites/services in a single HTML page.

It is a perfect "instant website" for anyone who is active in social networks.


Besides the ability to show content of any website via RSS/Atom feeds, it supports popular web services like:

  • Delicious
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • ReaderNaut
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube

Although the default theme already offers a nice presentation, it can be easily themed (uses Savant template engine) for a unique look & feel.

jCore is a free, open source & multi-website CMS which is created specially for webmasters who maintain multiple websites.

It is built with PHP/ MySQL & has 2 parts:

  • jCore server (main system which holds all the libraries and modules)
  • jCore client (stripped version of the core system which uses the files from the server)

jCore Multi-Website CMS

jCore has various great features like:

  • multilanguage
  • dynamic forms
  • RSS feeds
  • banner management
  • member management
  • SEO friendly links
  • custom 404 error pages
  • & more

The system can be extended with the modules support as there are already ready-to-use ones like photo gallery or contact form.

Forums are clearly one of the most standard ways of sharing knowledge on the net. With easy-to-use interfaces & strong community features, they are still very functional & popular.

They can be easily integrated into a website by customizing the look & feel or used as a framework which is sometimes a good idea considering the features they offer.

Here are 9 widely-used, open-source & free forum softwares, where most of them are built with PHP, that you may consider using:

phpBB (PHP)


phpBB is one of the oldest & widely used forum softwares around. It is being updated frequently with improvements in speed, security & features.

It comes with a powerful administrator panel where all aspects of the system can be managed & supports almost any database.

The software has a very crowded community which makes it easier to get support.



This free forum software works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

MyBB has nice features like calendar/events, mass mailing to members, a built-in theme editor & more.

Besides an admin panel, a moderator panel helps managing the system by multiple users.

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GetSimple is an open source XML-based CMS application that is very easy to setup & customize.

The use of XML rather than a SQL database for storing the data makes it ideal for small websites. But this is a "plus" on the performance side as the risk for a "possible slowness while connecting to a SQL database" is eliminated.

GetSimple PHP CMS

GetSimple is built with PHP & offers a great feature which is the ability to "undo" almost every action, a time-saver on mistakes made.

The application has a simple & slick admin interface that is so easy to learn.

With a detailed documentation, it is possible to findout the details of GetSimple like "theme customization" or "how to create a contact form".

And, GetSimple enables you to backup & restore the entire website with just a click.

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