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If you have a product or service and receiving support requests regularly, using a support ticket application is a “must” to handle them nicely.

Brimir is a free and open source support ticket app that is built with Ruby on Rails and makes use of the Foundation front-end framework.


The tickets can be received via e-mail and they are auto-piped to Brimir. It is multi-user and tickets can be assigned to selected team members.

There is support for attachments, tickets can have different statuses and also priorities to categorize them easier.

Brimir is optimized for mobile devices and has various other options for customization.

F.A.Q. pages are the most standard way online for informing and guiding users to help them find the answers to their questions about the service/app.

phpMyFAQ is a pretty stable and open source PHP F.A.Q. application that has many features for building a good F.A.Q. system.

A powerful admin interface exists for managing the categories, entries,  users and also viewing the stats.


It is possible to enable users to ask or answer questions and comment to them or keep it admins-only.

There is an advanced search system empowering users to locate the related answers with ease.

The F.A.Q. page has some ready-to-use modules like “most popular, latest or sticky questions”.

Its look and feel can be customized with HTML-CSS, interface has multi-language support and all questions-answers can be exported as a PDF (with automated table of contents).

Freshdesk, as you (probably) already know, is a full-featured and modern helpdesk application for handling support requests with ease.

It was featured at WRD before and you can check the complete review of the application to learn more about it.

Freshdesk Support Arcade

Recently, they have released an original feature named “Support Arcade” which aims to keep the motivation levels of support agents as high as possible with gamification.

Support Arcade converts the helpdesk to a game where agents can score points by resolving issues, resolving them fast and earn badges (Support Newbie, Speed Racer, Support Guru..) or level up.

There are also quests like “resolve 8 tickets within a day and earn.., publish 3 articles into the knowledgebase within a week and unlock..”.

Freshdesk Game

The logic is completely customizable so that every company can create games that fit best to their product/service or company culture.

How to join the giveaway?

In order to celebrate this new feature, Freshdesk is giving away 3 x “annual Estate Plans with ¬†2 agents” ($960 value/each) to WRD readers.

For joining the giveaway:

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That’s all and the winners will be selected randomly on 20 Nov 2012 (1 week later).
Good luck to all.


ClickDesk, an application that offers a wonderful combo of live chat and help desk (which was featured before at WRD), is giving away 5 annual Lite Plans to WRD readers. Details of the giveaway can be found at the bottom of this post.

What is ClickDesk?

ClickDesk Help Desk

For any brand/company who is willing to provide web-based support for their customers, standard e-mail is not enough.

It is hard to track the status of an e-mail conversation, manage multiple support departments (sales, technical support, accounting, etc.), analyze the performance and things get more complicated when the support team is more than a single agent.

ClickDesk is a hosted web application that can turn e-mails into easy-to-track tickets and offers web-based live chat + voice chat.

Live Chat

It works by copy/pasting few lines of code to the website and you instantly get a "click to chat" feature where users can start a web-based conversation.

The chat can either be initiated by the user or by a proactive pop-up automatically after a given period. And, the support agent can chat from his/her favorite IM application (Google Talk or Skype).

Voice Chat

ClickDesk Live Chat

ClickDesk offers browser phone and free local access numbers with voip live support in 40 countries.

Similar to the live chat, users can call you directly from the browser (or from their phones and Skype).

Help Desk

Besides converting e-mails into tickets, the help desk feature enables you to receive tickets from a web-based submission form as well (offline chats). Tickets can be replied, forwarded to other agents or favorited for easier tracking.

The help desk also works integrated with your favorite IM client and you can get notified via an IM message when a new ticket arrives (or you can even update their statuses via the IM client).

P.S. They also have a free plan to give the app a try before getting it.

Integrations with other products

The application has plugins for many popular softwares like Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, osCommerce, BigCommerce, CS Cart and more.

Also, an API exists for tighter integrations.

How to join the giveaway?

ClickDesk is giving away 5 annual Lite Plans to WRD readers and to join the giveaway:

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The winners

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Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining.

Freshdesk Logo

For anyone or company who receives lots of support requests, just the e-mail is not enough to handle them successfully.

Users want to track their support requests, support team needs an interface to work collaboratively and the management should easily see "how the support is performing".

That's where the Freshdesk comes in. It is a full-featured and hosted help desk application which can automatically convert emails, Twitter mentions and comments on Facebook pages into support tickets.

The application smartly categorizes, prioritizes and assigns each request to the right support agent so that the support team saves a lot of time. Also, it is possible to create scenarios which can automatically perform the defined actions to the tickets that match the scenario.

Freshdesk Interface

There are many other features that empower the support team like canned responses, auto-recommendations from the built-in knowledgebase, splitting/merging tickets, transferring them to other agents and more.

Freshdesk is not all about support tickets, it also allows us to create a customer support portal with a knowledgebase to minimize the support requests. And, if they can't find the answer, they can still open a ticket via the portal and e-mail (or Twitter and Facebook).

Freshdesk Dashboard

We can also include the community to the support cycle by creating forums powered by Freshdesk so that they can ask question and get replies from other users (or the support team).

And, all these public pages can be branded to reflect you product or company, Freshdesk stays invisible in all the process.

A Freshdesk account can be set to support multiple products (depending on the plan), any number of agents can be added and it has a multilingual interface (perfect for distributed support teams).

Freshdesk Stats

The application provides many stats to quickly see the performance of each agent, department and product. Also, you can generate custom reports.

To sum up, Freshdesk is a robust solution to provide support via multiple channels and keep everything under control.