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Modern eCommerce solutions are dynamic, sleek, and futuristic. I still think we need more shiny chrome hover cars but that’s another discussion. Generally speaking, users want a site that’s both secure and fast. A shopping experience that behaves in a predictable yet speedy fashion.

eCommerce is about selling products and retaining customers. You can achieve this with an improved design, but when it comes to interactions the user experience is much more important. That’s why I’ve organized this handful of jQuery plugins meant to improve eCommerce websites. All of these plugins are free to use so check them out and see if anything catches your attention.

jQuery Credit Card Validator

jquery credit card validator plugin

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Selling goods and/or services through web is great and there are lots of tools to accomplish that.

However, it is hard to analyze sales, revenues, expenses, refunds, etc. if we accept payments through multiple providers and multiple sites (anyone searched for a transaction at PayPal probably experienced this).

Putler, an Adobe AIR-based application, is a powerful sales analytics companion to anyone selling through web.


It is integrated with all popular payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout..) and e-commerce softwares (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce..).

Additionally, with its API, any other gateway can be integrated pretty quickly.

The app provides you a quick snapshot of the sales, revenues, best selling products and more for a given period.

Also, you can easily see the trend, all transactions of a customer and even estimates in a chart-supported interface.

Putler Sales View

Putler is not all about viewing but can perform actions like issuing refunds or managing subscriptions which would normally take a time from the payment provider’s web interface.

Although a connection is required to pull the data from payment providers and e-commerce apps, after that, working offline is possible too. And it works fast when offline.

They are also working on a new mobile app and the web version will be released next year.

Additional free month to all

When you sign-up for a paid plan, using the coupon code wrdfreemonth, you get an additional month for free. Thanks to the guys at Putler for offering this.

P.S. The offer is valid until 31 Dec 2013

The giveaway

3 Annual Premium plans are being given away and, in order to join, please comment to this post.

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Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

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Easy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin that simplifies selling digital stuff.

The setup is almost plug ‘n’ play; just define the products + payment details and the system is ready to go.

WordPress Easy Digital Downloads

It can be customized through the hooks and filters provided, there is built-in support for discounts and many paid plugins exist for extending it further.

Major payment providers like PayPal or Stripe work perfectly with it, data can be analyzed with the reporting features and can be exported too.

LiteCart is a free and open source shopping cart application that is built with PHP-MySQL.

It is light, not in means of features but for the usage (less clicks, improved usability..) and for development.


All the main features of an e-store is offered as a standard and more stuff exist like: product groups, different prices per currency, automatic backups and more.

And, there is an easy-to-use control panel for setting up the store and managing everything about it.

Uni-eCart is a free and open source e-commerce application that is bundled with all the major features expected.

It is built with PHP and available in several versions where the free one is almost as complete as the others.

Besides a standard e-commerce store, it is capable of running daily-deals and auctions too.


The application supports multiple payment gateways, can display related-items, allows users to discuss + comment and share items on social networks.

On the marketing side, Uni-eCart is again powerful with a mailing list feature and affiliate system.

A detailed admin panel helps managing the whole site easily and stores with any design can be crated with the support for theming.

Sylius is an open source and free e-commerce solution for PHP (and based on Symfony2).

It is capable of managing stores of any size and having complex products + categories.

Products can have different tax rates, many shipping methods are supported and it is integrated with Omnipay (multi-gateway payment processing library).


Sylius can be used in 2 ways:

  • main application: customize views, configuration and start the project
  • standalone bundles: build a solution using the bundles you need (products, shipping, inventory, etc..)
The application has a full-featured API and it is being improved regularly.

For any e-commerce website, simple-to-advanced, Magento is probably the most complete, free and open source solution out there.

And, it can be improved further so easily with professional extensions in the market.

Magestore, a popular Magento extensions provider, has a fresh extension for improving the checkout process which is called Magento One Step Checkout.

1 Step Checkout Magento Extension

The extension helps minimizing the abandoned cart rate by enabling customers to view the basket and fill the shipping + payment information in only one step.

This checkout page is smart and auto-updates itself when needed without any refreshes (like the change in address, shipping type, etc.).

It also supports applying coupon codes and gift messages or running simple surveys still on the same page and comes ready with multiple payment options (PayPal, credit cards, SagePay..).

1 Step Checkout works with all 3 checkout modes (register, logged in, guest) and has built-in Geo-IP detection for simplifying the process further by auto-filling address details as much as possible.

Magento 1 Step Checkout Extension

There is also a unique feature called “Web-POS for admin checkouts”. Using this feature, it is possible to complete offline sales as an existing user or guest. Again on a single page, the store admins can search for the product, add it to the cart quickly and complete sale.

The extension is a must check for any Magento website and there is a detailed comparison of it with other well-known checkout extensions.

How to join the giveaway?

Magestore is giving away 3 licenses and, in order to join, please follow the steps:

Winners will be selected a week later (02 May 2013) with the query below:

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Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • sean (comment #1263084)
  • Robin L (comment #1263695)
  • webworker (comment #1263886)
Congratulations to the winners and thankls to everyone for joining.

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Forward is a fresh e-commerce application (that is in the alpha stage) built with PHP and using MongoDB for storing data.

The application is free, open source and built with developers in mind makes with easy custom coding, powerful templates and expressive syntax.

It has a REST-like API for interacting with every feature from orders to customers or products.

Forward PHP E-Commerce

Thanks to MongoDB, the capabilities of the store is not limited to the default database schema and it is a breeze to have new fields/structures for everything.

Design of the storefront can be changed with a powerful templating engine (Smarty 3) and the backend is built with Bootstrap.

LemonStand LogoLemonStand is a professional PHP shopping cart application that allows anyone to create a fully-functional store.

It has support for featuring any number of products within an unlimited category structure.

Actually, customizability is baked into LemonStand’s DNA, it starts with the theming where any HTML-CSS_JS can be used and goes with the features integrated.

The app can be used to sell physical or digital products, services and even subscriptions. A solid product management system exists to control everything from inventory to product details and importing/exporting bulk items.

LemonStand Homepage

Built-in marketing tools exist to help self-promote the store like the ability to create custom landing pages for products and categories, product bundling, coupon system, newsletters and more.

Also, a content management module enables creating a blog or content for any page and also maintaining the comments, galleries or testimonials. Read the rest of this entry »

Drag ‘n’ dropping items has its various popular uses and shopping carts are definitely one of them.

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a simple shopping cart that works with drag ‘n’ drops.

It will have support for add-to-basket with quantity updates (so that the same items could be added more than once) and removing items from the basket. It will be totally client-side and cover the basic functionality (no PayPal integration, etc.).

For that, we’ll be using, probably the best drag-drop library, jQuery UI Draggable/Droppable in this tutorial. Here is the end result:


Let’s get started:

Step 1 -> Get the custom jQuery UI package

jQuery UI Custom Download

jQuery UI has lots of features and every feature adds bytes to its source, it is much more smarter to get only what we need.

As you can see from the screenshot above, we need the Core, Widget, Mouse from the core and Draggable + Droppable from the interactions.
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