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Fred Wilson, an investor who is known with his good decisions (early investor for Twitter, SoundCloud and Kickstarter) has made an interesting speech at LeWeb.

It was about the types of start-ups he was interested in investing and want to share some of them as it was inspiring as well.

He started with saying that he is not interested in technologies but more in trends and prefer to invest in trends.

These 3 trends were the ones that he saw growing:

Removal of bureaucratic hierarchies

The need for speed when it comes to reaching information is clearly the heaviest trend.

The examples he provided were Twitter (replacing old media), Airbnb (replacing hotels) and Kickstarter (replacing production companies).

Simply, anything that removes the middleman in any service (or at least minimizes the number of them).


This can actually be summarized as focusing to niche markets.

The traditional business usually tries to sell all the things it can (like a bank selling loans, cards, accepting deposits, insurance..).

However, he thinks that the user now prefers to get products/services that are specially focused on that and want to get the best as a result (an example was Netflix).

People being the network

With the increasing smartphone usage, we are all part of an active network.

And, he attaches the success of apps like Uber or Tinder to that effect.


These 3 trends are the filters of Fred Wilson and think that they are worth considering when launching a start-up.

Here is his speech (it is worth the time):

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  • LeWeb, one of the oldest (10th year) and largest conference for web entrepreneurs and startups is starting tomorrow in Paris.

    There is an exciting line up of speakers and sessions and the 3-day-event will be held around the motto “The Next 10 Years“.

    LeWeb Paris

    It’ll definitely be inspiring (which I think the conferences are usually all about) to listen Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Fadell, Jesse Richman and others.

    There will also be a start-up competition running parallel to the conference where winners will be set the last day and it’l be interesting to experience the process.

    I was planning to go to LeWeb Paris 2013 since months, had applied to their official bloggers program, accepted and actually writing this post from the airport, my way to Paris.

    LeWeb Paris Speakers

    Like mentioned, there are lots of sessions and I’m specially excited about the ones with the founders of Parse, Uber, Nest, and also crypto-currency discussion.

    You will probably see some more posts this week about LeWeb at WRD as I plan to share the exciting stuff.

    Also, If you will be there, don’t forget to say “hello” : ).

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  • Websites make use of and present lots of 3rd party data like tweets, maps, currency conversion… where all tied to APIs.

    And, we usually use the most-popular, known APIs  in our sites. However, there are some hidden treasures as well that can feed any site/app with valuable data.

    Check these 15 APIs and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a use for at least few of them:

    Random User Generator

    Random User Generator

    A very useful API that allows us to create realistic-yet-fake users automatically.

    This is very handy for filling web app databases for testing purposes or having realistic mockups.

    We can mention a specific genre and Random User Generator returns name, address, e-mail, pass, avatar and more.

    REST Countries

    REST Countries

    The API has methods for getting the list of all countries, the country code, capital, calling code, currency and more.
    Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Any development project, whatever language is being used, usually requires extracting values from a given data and validating it.

    This can be input validation, filtering URL variables, etc. Regular expressions handle such tasks easily and help a lot when it comes to minimizing the code.

    On the other hand, regular expressions are considered as “hard to learn”. But, “not at all”, they just look complicated but they definitely are not.

    Here are 12 great resources for learning and mastering regular expressions.

    I had started with no:1 (RegExplained) and suggest that you do so too. Watch the talk of Lea Verou and you’ll already be knowing it. After that, use others to improve your skills.



    RegExplained is the project that thought me regex. It is a simple playground which highlights the matched text from a regex in real-time.

    It is a project of Lea Verou and also supported with a talk (I suggest you watch it to start learning regular expressions quickly).

    RegEx Guide By Mozilla

    Mozilla Regex Guide

    One of the most simplified regular expression guides on the net. Easy to understand and covers the most important stuff.

    You may want to check what Microsoft docs tell too. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Once you create an open source resource and decide to share it with the community, “the license set” is pretty important for its future.

    Choose A License is a very handy website, create by GitHub team, that helps you decide “which license is best for your project”.

    While it focuses to the 3 popular licenses (MIT, GPL, Apache) in its homepage, a sub-page lists many others.

    Open Source Licenses

    The page successfully presents “what is permitted and what is not” for each license and displays the full legal text on request.

    P.S. The code for the site is open source as well and you can fork or help improve it.

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