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If you’ve been hoping to build a newsletter for your site then look no further. This collection of resources will provide a great starting point for anyone interested in designing, managing, and marketing a newsletter. Even if you aren’t familiar with newsletters it doesn’t take very long to understand the basics. All you really need is time and lots of practice.

MailChimp Resources

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ActiveCampaign LogoActiveCampaign, a full-featured platform for sending newsletters, is giving away $75 credits to 3 WRD readers each.

The details of this giveaway is mentioned in the bottom of this article and here is more about this exciting service:

What is ActiveCampaign?

Today, newsletters are one of the most popular ways of communicating with users/customers. Also, they are not expensive and, most importantly, they can be measured.

ActiveCampaign is a solid and hosted web application for managing subscribers, sending them newsletters and tracking the results.

It is possible to create multiple lists, view detailed information about the subscribers (like links they clicked or campaigns they opened) and even import new subscribers from many other popular web apps (Sales Force, Google Contacts, etc.), databases (MySQL-MSSQL) or with the help of a CSV-XML file.


And, for sure, the application enables us to create customized "subscribe forms" + integrate into our websites by inserting a few lines of code to our web pages.

ActiveCampaign has lots of beautifully-designed e-mail templates (cross-client compatible) to choose from or new ones can be designed with the web-based e-mail designer provided.

Once a newsletter is created, a built-in e-mail testing feature displays how it will look in popular e-mail clients like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Live Mail, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, iPhone, etc. It even notifies you about any possible issues (including design + spam score) and shows how to fix them.

The newsletters don't have to be sent by simply clicking to "send" but can be automated in several ways:

  • autoresponders (for ex: when a user subscribes send an automated welcome mail)
  • date-based campaigns (sending birthday emails, etc.)
  • automated triggers and subscriber actions (when user subscribes, un-subscribes, clicks a link in the e-mail..)
  • RSS-based – (when new items are available in RSS, send their links/content as newsletters)

ActiveCampaign runs many checks to make sure the e-mails will be sent with success (like ensuring you have valid SPF, Sender ID, DomainKeys or DKIM and managing bounces/cleaning up your lists by removing invalid e-mails).

ActiveCampaign Social Reactions

A detailed "reporting module" brings every detail you may need to analyze the deliveries. Read/opens, number of clicks to links, un-subscribes and bounces. Also, it is possible to view the trends of days/times that the e-mails are viewed the most to decide on a better delivery date-time.

There is also the social side of every buzz (including your campaigns) on the internet and the application can display what others are talking about your campaign on Twitter and Facebook (including Facebook "likes").

ActiveCampaign has add-ons/integrations for many other apps like WordPress, Joomla, SalesForce, SugarCRM, FreshBooks, HighRise and more.

Also, a well-documented API opens the doors of any type of integrations to developers.

How to join the giveaway?

ActiveCampaign is giving away $75 credits to 3 users and to join the giveaway:

  • follow @activecampaign Twitter user
  • share "how you would use email marketing for you or your clients" in the comments to this post
  • that's it!

P.S. The policy of ActiveCampaign is applied to the winners of the free credits.

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Winners will be selected and announced on 4 October 2011. Good luck to everyone.

TinyLetter is a free-to-use web service which enables us to create an e-mail newsletter and get subscribers.

It has a very straightforward functionality and interface. You just pick a name for the newsletter and embed a code into the website which displays a sign-up form.

Also, you can ask the users to go to the custom URL provided by the service (like where the design of it can be customized.


You can see the past newsletters, read replies, see the list of subscribers and also import e-mails.

An original feature is the support for "asking a payment for subscription" to the newsletter where the amounts can be collected by the service or directly sent to any given PayPal address.

It doesn't have any advanced features like reporting, custom text per subscriber or ready-to-use templates but, for some projects, simplicity is all we need.

Simple Mailing List is a simple-yet-powerful and free mailing list manager script that is built with PHP/MySQL.

It helps you to control a mailing list by adding/removing members (one-by-one or in bulk), seeing the active/passive ones and sending mailings.

Every message sent can have an "unsubscribe link" and, optionally, the administrator can be notified about such updates via e-mail.

Simple Mailing List

E-mails to be sent can be both plain or HTML and they can be scheduled for a future date (works with cron jobs).

In order not to overload the e-mail server, the script has the ability to throttle/limit/queue messages.

Simple Mailing List keeps the archive of previous mailings and "how many users they were sent to".

Also, it is possible to create HTML templates and send your e-mails using them.

This is a free Ajax newsletter script that is built with PHP & jQuery.

With a very simple interface, it enables you to:

  • Create categories (lists)
  • Add e-mails to categories
  • Send e-mails to any category and/or e-mail
  • View the previously sent e-mails

Free Ajax Newsletter Script

It uses 1 PHP file & comes with a .SQL file for creating the necessary tables in MySQL.

To mention, the script is only the admin interface. If needed, you can create a front-end for users who want to subscribe to a newsletter by inserting their e-mails to the related categories.