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As a small team of developers/friends, we had created a simple intranet platform (years ago) to share ideas, files (and keep backups), manage our e-mails, etc.

Few days ago, after discussing “how awesome it would be to use the file sharing module of it from a Dropbox-like application“, I started searching for any open source tools that can do the job.

As expected, yes, there is open source for everything and found very nice resources that can help us accomplish the project with almost no (or few) coding.

Considering you may use them in your own projects/platforms or have an idea of building a file storage and fileshare application, here is a complete list of open source Dropbox alternatives (that are updated regularly):


SparkleShare (Mac & Linux)


This is a file sharing and collaboration tool which allows you to instantly synchronize with any Git repository (SFTP is on the way).

It can connect to any number of hosts + allows you to follow and add/remove files into any number of projects.

Growl notifications let you know when a change by a team member.

Syncany (Windows & Linux)


Syncany is a very promising and open source file sharing + storage application which is still under heavy development.

It can use almost any type of storage including local folders, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Storage, IMAP and more.

The data is encrypted locally which is nice for the security of sensitive information and has support for versioning.

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A week ago, WRD had introduced Fortune3 which is a full-featured shopping cart application and giveaway of 3*6-month licenses of any plan wanted.

If you commented to that article for joining the giveaway, make sure to check the end of this post to find out if you are one of the winners.

In case you missed:

What is Fortune3?

It is a hosted shopping cart application with 24/7 support to build an e-commerce website of any size.

The application simplifies managing the store with a "E-Commerce Wizard" desktop software which speeds up the whole process.


The design of the store of totally customizable, and it is integrated with all major "live shipping" providers (like UPS, FedEx or DHL), payment processors (including PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon, etc.) and accounting softwares (QuickBooks, PeachTree).

Both B2C and B2B business models are supported and several marketing tools like an integrated affiliate system, price/quantity based promotions, gift certificates, promo codes + newsletter system helps selling easier.

Fortune3's Social Shopping Cart App is an instant way to add a shopping cart to Facebook pages and reach social media users.

And, mobile apps allow you to reach your store anytime, anywhere.

The winners:

Here are the 3 winners for the any plan for 6 months of this ecommerce software:

  • dotcompals (comment #351445)
  • Niju mohan (comment #350929)
  • Nick (comment #350993)

Thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway and congratulations to the winners (hope they create awesome and sucessful e-commerce websites).

Subversion, the open source and popular version control system, is a great tool for an organized coding environment where multiple users can work on the same files and tracking the changes/versions is possible.

uberSVN is a free application which transforms a standard Subversion setup into the next level by adding social features and more to it.


With the application, teams get a homepage that profiles the team members, lists the projects they’re working on, repositories they’re using and their latest activity and status.

Team members can see each other’s real-time progress by simply subscribing to Twitter-like feeds that managers can also monitor.

Besides managing Subversion, 3rd party applications can be integrated into the system (like Trac, Jenkins, etc.) so that the development team uses only a single login for managing projects.

uberSVN comes with installers for Windows and Linux.

TN3 Gallery is a professional and very flexible jQuery image gallery plugin for displaying and rotating a collection of images in various ways.

It works cross-browser (including mobile), has multiple transition effects, can show captions and present the thumbnails horizontally or vertically.

TN3 Gallery

The plugin can automatically generate these thumbnails with or without resizing them on the server-side (with the help of a PHP file) and enable users to browse the gallery by clicking to these thumbnails.

Thumbnails are not the only way to view the images, there are also prev-next buttons, mouse-wheel + keyboard support, auto-slideshow and, optionally, bullet-type-of-navigation can be used rather than thumbnails.

A lovely feature is the ability to present multiple albums with each album having its own thumbnail and caption to help users better understand "what is inside".

TN3 Gallery Multiple Albums

TN3 Gallery can use XML as the data source which is great for integrating the gallery with 3rd party software like CMS applications.

For maximum customization, the API comes to the aid in every point with functions to change everything.

There are also many other features like Flickr integration, skinning, fullscreen display, support for Cufon or @font-face and more.

It comes in 3 flavors;

  • Lite: with limited features and free
  • Pro: with all the features and licenses to a single site
  • Multi-Site: with all the features and licenses to unlimited sites

How to join the giveaway?

In order to win one of the 5 Pro Licenses, just comment to this post and winners will be selected on 20 June 2011 (1 week later) with the query below:

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Good luck!

ScaleNine is a website providing free themes for styling your Adobe AIR and Flex applications beautifully.

The themes are created using graphical skinning techniques, CSS styling, programmatic skinning, or a combination of them.

There are 80+ themes which are built by different designers and the website also lists inspirational applications + resources for Adobe AIR and Flex developers.