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The Bug Genie is an open source issue/bug tracking application (built with PHP/MySQL) with project management capabilities.

It was previously shared at WRD in 9 Free And Open Source Bug Tracking Softwares article but improved so much since then and seems like this is a good chance to remind it.

The application now has a very slick, Ajaxed interface where any number of projects>milestones>issues can be created + assigned to users.

The Bug Genie

Besides the team members, end users can report issues as well which is a very good way of improving an application (access control features lets you define who can see what parts of the project).

A complete project hierarchy is supported including editions, releases and components.

There is an integrated wiki where you can use to create a detailed-documentation on an issue or a how-to for end users.

The Bug Genie supports and integrates with several different version control systems including Subversion, Git (Gitorious and github) and Mercurial.

The application will automatically create updated file lists, issue commit comments, links to diffs and previous revisions and more from your commits.

It is also very flexible with customizable workflows, ability to extend easily with modules, multilanguage support and more.

Info: This is a review of a paid application (free during beta).

Source code management is a "must" for any developer team working on the same project to get updated on any changes made to the code and make sure every change is backed up.

Springloops, the popular source code management platform has released the V2 of their product which is more powerful with a new user interface, Git integration (besides Subversion) and ticketing support.

Springloops Deployment

The files for a project can be imported from a repository or as a zipped file. Also, they can be set as private or public.

The platform is an all-in-one for managing development projects as it has the features of a project management application as well (with milestones and tickets that can be assigned to users).  And, it can integrate tightly with Basecamp.

Springloops Git

Springloops has a very detailed knowledgebase that not only helps you get the basics of version control (if you're not experienced with it) but also covers answers to any possible questions regarding the service.

The V2 of the platform is currently in beta status and free-to-use with unlimited projects until it is out of beta. Simply, a good chance to give the service a try.

Hub List is an open source to-do list application that works on the desktop.

It has versions for Windows, Mac OS X + Linux and a mobile one that mostly targets the iOS platform.

Hub List

The application supports creating folders>sub-folders and tasks>sub-tasks for an unlimited hierarchy.

Hub List is currently in beta status and working on impressive features like auto-synchronize data to any private cloud, collaboration and importing-exporting data.

Vermis is an open source application, built with PHP-MySQL, for tracking issues and managing projects effectively.

It is focused on software/web development projects and aims to improve the quality of code, efficiency and speed of development.

Once a project is started, you can add developers, project leaders and observers. Each of them can create + assign issues and comment on the project.


There are several issue types: task, bug, feature, improvement and refactoring to better define each entry.

Users get notified of any updates made to issues via automatically sent e-mails and every issue has a status, priority and graphical progress bar to easily see a snapshot of it.

The application is also multilingual and there are already few ready-to-use translations.

Ofuz is an open source application (also comes as a paid/hosted service) that aims to control the full business cycle for teams, freelancers or service providers.

It has powerful contact management features as contacts can be imported from almost anywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

Contacts can be categorized with tags and notes or e-mails can be attached to them.


Team members and/or customers can be invited to share files and emails, join discussions and get things done.

The time worked on projects can be tracked and timesheets/reports per customer/project/team member can be generated.

Ofuz also enables you to create invoices that will be sent for once or every selected period automatically (recurring).

And, with the web forms feature, you can grab leads from your website + send personalized mailings to your users.

The application is multilingual, has a REST API to integrate with any other tool and built with PHP/MySQL.

Surreal Todo is an open source web application that can be used as an online notebook or a to-do-list manager.

It is built with PHP, uses MySQL for storing data and relies on jQuery for the JavaScript part.

Surreal Todo

With a totally Ajaxed interface, you can create new lists, style every item or mark them as completed.

The application enables you to create new tabs and pages instantly for a better organization of the lists/content.

Also, list items can be re-ordered or moved to other lists via drag'n drops and lists can be collapsed to save space.

TeamLab is a collaboration platform that is built with enterprises in mind but fits to any small-to-bigger teams too.

The platform enables users to create teams, manage projects with setting milestones and creating tasks which can be assigned per user.

It comes as 2 versions:

  • hosted (and free)
  • open source, to download on your infrastructure (and free)


By simply scheduling tasks and with the help of e-mail notifications, it is hard to miss a deadline and you always stay informed about the overall of a project.

Using a built-in IM, it is possible to communicate each other. Also, integrated blogging, forum and wiki capabilities makes sharing of information very easy.

TeamLab can also help the members of a team to keep up with the support for managing events, news, polls, photos and bookmarks.

ArgentumInvoice is an open source web application for managing projects easily and billing the time worked accordingly.

It enables you to define clients, create projects and add tickets (things to be done) for that project.

The time worked for a ticket can be calculated with the help of a live timer or mentioned manually. Also, it is possible to create timesheets for every user.


At any point of the projects, ArgentumInvoice can create PDF invoices, e-mail them to clients and track invoice due dates + payment statuses.

It also supports multiple currencies and automatic currency conversions which is nice when working with multi-national clients.

The application is built with PHP & uses MySQL as the database.

PlanCake is an open source task and list manager which can be downloaded/installed to a custom location or used from for free.

The application is fully Ajaxed, tasks can be re-ordered with drag'n drops and keyboard shortcuts are supported which all make the usage faster.

It is possible to create tasks with due dates (or not) and PlanCake can display your to-do-list inside a calendar. Or, you can reach them from the lists they are bound to and the tags they were marked with.


The application can be used in 2 modes:

If you prefer to print a list and check them offline, PlanCake can instantly generate a printer-friendly version.

The application is built with PHP (Symfony) and uses MySQL to store data.

todoyu is an open source task/project management, time tracking & collaboration application that is built with PHP.

The application has a modern, Ajaxed interface where both users & clients can have roles on projects.


Using todoyu, projects can be divided into multiple milestones with sub-tasks that are assigned to users.

The time worked on every task is recorded which can be used in future analysis or billing purposes.

Optionally, todoyu can auto-generate invoices after completion of a project & export them as PDFs.

The application also has a built-in calendar for managing appointments.

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