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Chatbox is a free Mac OS X application that brings simple project collaboration features into Dropbox.

It allows us to comment to files hosted on Dropbox and easily start a discussion/chat about them.

Once installed, right click any file/folder and instantly start conversations with the people that the Dropbox file/folder is shared.

It can work offline, syncs when you are back online and requires no registration as everything is stored inside Dropbox.

Chatbox for Dropbox

Nitro is a simple, good looking, free and open source task management application to get things done.

It comes in multiple versions where all of them are free:

  • hosted
  • Chrome web app
  • open source web app
  • Linux and Ubuntu desktop packages

The open source web app is makes use of modern web technologies, doesn't require any server-side setup and built with only HTML, CSS + JS.


Once downloaded, it is ready-to-use by simply loading the index.html file and any actions made are stored using HTML5 localstorage. There is an option for syncing data with Dropbox or Ubuntu One.

Nitro allows us to add tasks, write notes to the tasks and define due dates for them. For any tasks with sub-tasks, there is "lists"feature.

The app is multilingual (there is already support for several languages) and it is themable.

Today, many project management applications can calculate the time that is being worked on projects to use them in various reports.

If you are not using such a project management system and looking for a simpler solution just to track time, Kimai can be a good alternative.

It is a PHP-powered, open source web application that enables us to define projects/tasks and record the time we work on each item.

Kimai - PHP Time Tracker

Although it is web-based, the timer keeps working even if the browser is closed unless it is stopped.

After collecting the data, it can generate a report of your activities on demand (yearly, monthly, daily, by customer/project/action).

The application stores the data in a MySQL database and it has a multilingual interface.

ChiliProject is an open source project management application that helps tracking many aspects of a process.

It is built with Ruby on Rails on top of the popular Redmine (was shared at WRD) by the long-standing community members/contributors of it and follows a different roadmap.

The application has features for project and milestone planning (roadmap), ticket-based issue tracking, document management (including version control –Subversion or Git- for software projects) and time tracking to calculate costs.


ChiliProject notifies team members about the activities via e-mail and further notifications exist by simply subscribing to a project's activity feed.

In order to document the details/knowledge, there is a built-in wiki. Also, a forum exists for discussions with users other than the team members.

Info: This is a review of a paid application.

AceProject, a powerful project management application which was previously shared at WRD, recently got better with a huge update. In case you missed our previous introduction, here is a good chance to know about this handy product.

First of all, it has a brand new look which makes working on projects and taking actions very easy. With the tabbed interface, dealing with multiple projects at the same time is possible (which is great for multitasking and comparing details).


The application handles all the steps of project management:

The core

Projects can be created and assigned to any number of users. And, same for the tasks.

Tasks can be grouped and different task types can be created to better cover the phases of a project and categorize them.

Each task can be marked with statuses ("Waiting", "In Progress" and "Completed") and priorities to see which things need to be done.

Document management

Users can upload documents, assign them to projects and other users can view these files in accordance with their access rights.

Such a repository saves time finding project-related documents, seeing their versions and viewing who accessed them.

Time tracking

For a company charging with hours or willing to see "how much time spent on each task/project", AceProject offers a built-in time-tracking module where users can define the hours worked for each task.

The process is either manually or automatically with the help of the IN/OUT time clock module.

Once time reports are ready, they need to be approved by the manager of the project (he/she can easily remove or edit the items).

AceProject Edit Task

Expense tracking

This is where users submit expenses for approval in a project or a task.

The feature is good for anyone who travel or purchase equipment and incur expenses that effect the total cost of a project or a task.

HR/Resource management

The application can control any number of users including employees, subcontractors, clients, telecommuters, etc under the same interface.

So, people involved in the project doesn't have to be the ones in your company/team but any others that you work from time-to-time or only for that project..

Statistics and reports

AceProject can report every detail in a project from different views like per project, task, user, client, time period, etc.

Simply, it eases finding out "what is going on at any time".

Mobile access

AceProject Mobile

There is an intuitive mobile web interface that works in all major mobile browsers/devices and functions as a light version of AceProject.

So, wherever a project member is, they can still involve to the process.


An internal mailbox lets the users know about any notifications they received. And, it can be used to contact other team members.

Also, a built-in discussion forum enables share thoughts, ideas, issues, knowledge and lots more.


To sum up, this project planning software has all the features for controlling multiple projects, providing access to everyone involved and reporting the activities. All with a user-friendly interface.