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Picok (personal information cockpit) is an open source, multi-user script where users can create their own iGoogle-like start pages.

It is ideal for intranets as an admin account can pre-define the available components like feed addresses & users can select items from that list.

iGoogle-Like Script

Similar to iGoogle, the items can be:

  • drag’n dropped
  • minimized
  • configured

The script has integration support for Lotus Notes, Doodle, Wikipedia, Google Maps & more. Also, users can create post-it notes.

Picok offers a multi-language interface & can be extended by writing custom portlets.

It is built with PHP (Zend Framework), YUI & supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Lotus Notes.

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  • SilverX is a free software which aims to help Silverlight designers/developers for converting existing Flash content to Silverlight.

    It supports most of the Flash’s basic features like: vector primitives, images, texts & animations.


    SilverX can be used for other scenarios as many applications has "export to SWF features" which means they can be converted to Silverlight now (ex: exporting CorelDraw vector graphics to SWF file and then convert it to Silverlight XAML).

    The software has clipping layers, sounds, buttons & filters/effects in the roadmap.

    Social Network UsersThere are lots of social networks from small to huge ones like Facebook or MySpace.

    Although trying to create the next Facebook may not be a good idea, you may want to create a niche network or empower & add new features to the network you already have.

    Here are 6 open source social networking applications which are developed continiously, well-documented & offer impressive functions.



    Elgg is a mature social networking framework which offers:

    • advanced user management and administration
    • social networking
    • cross-site tagging
    • powerful access control lists
    • internationalisation support
    • multiple view support (eg cell phones, iPhone)
    • an advanced templating engine
    • a widget framework and more.

    Its plugin based system enables adding new features easily from a plugins database or creating your own.

    Elgg is built with PHP / MySQL & comes with a JSON API.



    PHPizabi is a feature-rich open source social networking engine for creating & managing basic-to-advanced communities.

    It is built with PHP / MySQL & besides every feature that can be thought for a social networking site, it offers:

    • a multilingual interface
    • mass mailing to users
    • creating blogs
    • forum integration & more

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    ResourceSpace is an open source application for reducing the workload between teammates or customers on reaching the common print, web-ready or other digital assets.

    It is simply a repository where every file can be stored, categorized & searched/found quickly.


    Users can share resources between each other or send their download links rather than sending the files itself (which are generally huge).

    The application displays various "quality versions" of the assets to promote higher quality resource usage & with the reporting functionality, it is possible to track the activity.

    ResourceSpace is built with PHP / MySQL. It also has lots of other features like watermarking, a multilanguage interface & more.

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  • Glow is a JavaScript library, built by BBC that aims to make working with JavaScript and the DOM easier, similar to the popular ones like jQuery, MooTools, etc.

    It tries to do this by abstracting common tasks, hiding cross-browser issues, and providing a set of user interface widgets.

    on reviewing the major libraries we found that none met our standards and guidelines, with browser support in particular being a major issue.

    Glow JavaScript Library

    The library is very well-documented & it already comes with various ready-to-use widgets like:

    • autosuggest
    • carousel
    • overlay (lightbox)
    • slider
    • timetable
    • & more..

    Several demos are provided to see Glow in action