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Google Chrome Frame is an open source Internet Explorer plugin that enables IE to use the open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine of Google Chrome.

It is actually not so fresh and around for a while, however, the stable version of the plugin is released lately and it is ready-to-use.

Google Chrome Frame

The plugin requires 2 steps to work:

  • The user with IE 6, 7 or 8 should install it
  • The website must add a tag to the web pages (detecting IE users and inserting the tag only for them is a good idea)

After that, any user with those IE versions will have a browser with better capabilities like support for HTML5, CSS3, better JS performance and more.

Google Chrome Frame is already used by many popular websites including DeviantArt, github or HootSuite.

It is definitely not a perfect solution as "a step from end users are required" but at least a step forward and almost doesn't add an extra effort for web designers/developers.

Cloud9 IDE is an open source application that aims to provide a powerful and focused IDE for JavaScript developers.

It is powered by the platform + makes use of HTML5, node.js, and many other projects.

The application has a pretty fast text editor with bundled syntax highlighting support for JS, HTML, CSS and mixed modes.

Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE has integrated debuggers for node.js and Google Chrome which can be started, paused and stopped from the IDE.

Using WebDAV, it can connect to remote workspaces too and has a plugin system for improving it further (already has several bundled plugins).

P.S. The application is still in early development stages, can be a little buggy but improved continiously.

Unify is a software, powered by Deutsche Telekom, which provides a common API developing cross-platform applications that will look and feel like native ones.

It makes use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other resources like qooxdoo, PhoneGap, Adobe AIR and Sass.


The code can be re-used between platforms and supported ones are iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows and Mac OS.

Unify also eliminates the traditional limitations of the web browser and can detect the current geo location, access the file system, etc.

Data URIs, which is a way of using data in-line in web pages, is a great method for minimizing HTTP requests and speeding up websites.

The common usage is simply encoding data (mostly background-images) in Base 64 and including it to the stylesheets.


Spritebaker is a free web application which automates this process for you.

Just mention the URL of the CSS file, it will search for the background-images + fonts (non-local ones) and create a new stylesheet with these stuff converted to Data URIs.

However, don't forget that Data URIs usage isn't perfect yet like the CSS file will grow (you must turn on gzip-compression) or <IE8 browsers will be incompatible. It'll be a good idea to check the suggestions by Spritebaker.

Bazaar is a free version control system for tracking project history over time and collaborating easily with other team members.

Whether you are a single developer or a group of developers (at the same location or working remotely) Bazaar does the job well.

Bazaar Version Control

It is an easy to learn and use system which can work on all major OSs. Also, compared to Git and Mercurial, it supports bound branches (an easier and safer way of implementing a centralized workflow).

There are many applications that can work with Bazaar like Loggerhead, a web interface for it or several IDE integrations.

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  • Selectivizr is a JavaScript library that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8.

    Once included in web pages, rest is done automatically.


    The library requires a JavaScript framework to run and many popular ones are supported like Query, MooTools, YUI, Dojo, Prototype and more.

    And, if there are multiple JS frameworks inserted in the web page, Selectivizr chooses the most suitable one for the job.

    Cached Commons is a repository of many JavaScript libraries that are cached, optimized and hosted on Github's CDN.

    It is free for everyone and works by simply using the URLs mentioned (original or the minimized versions) as the script tag URLs.

    Compared to the popular Google Libraries API, it hosts a much more number of libraries including many jQuery plugins, visualization or the ones for markup.

    The only downside for now is that, there is only jQuery as a JS framework and hopefully, it'll start hosting others soon.

    Cached Commons

    WebMatrix is a free kit by Microsoft which includes everything you need for creating websites on Windows.

    The application itself enables you to control almost everything from a single interface like the code and database editor, web site and server management, search optimization, FTP publishing, and more.

    Microsoft WebMatrix

    The kit comes with:

    • IIS Developer Express (a development Web server)
    • ASP.NET (a Web framework)
    • SQL Server Compact (an embedded database)

    and with just a click, you can install open source applications like WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, etc.

    WebMatrix has also some nice features like the ability to run a SEO report or monitor real-time Web requests and responses to track down problems right at the source.

    OneWay is a tiny, free and open source Mac OS X application for instantly uploading any file/folder.

    It can upload data to FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 directly from your Finder.

    You can save the frequently used upload locations to the context menu (project-backups, personal-backups, etc) and send the files with a ctrl+click.

    OneWay is very functional for web designers/developers while live-testing a web project as it usually requires frequent updates or easily backing up project files.

    OneWay Mac FTP

    Show Slow is an open source tool (and, optionally, a free web-based service) for monitoring website performance metrics over time.

    It simply collects the results from YSlow and Page Speed rankings and graphs them to show you how various changes to the website can affect the performance.

    And, it can do this regularly to help you see the improvements done within time.

    Show Slow

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