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Bowline is an open source framework (not a platform like Adobe AIR or Titanium) for creating desktop applications with Ruby, HTML and JavaScript.

It respects MVC, views can be designed in HTML5/CSS3 and then you can bind them to your Ruby models.

There's no request/response cycle. Any changes in models automatically get reflected in the view.

Applications built with Bowline currently works in Mac OS X + Linux and Windows support is on the way.

Bowline - Ruby Desktop Applications

BrowserLab, a web-based service by Adobe, enables you to test websites on multiple browsers and OSs.

It is possible to create a custom browser set where the screenshots will be created only for those browsers (also helps speeding up the results).

Adobe Browserlab

Screenshots can be previewed in 2-up or onion-skin views which makes comparing multiple versions easier and x/y rulers can be used for sensitive measurements..

The service currently supports different Firefox, Safari and IE versions for Windows and Mac OS X. However, it is still in beta and new browsers are added within time.

BrowserLab is part of the Adobe CS Live and free for 1 year if you sign-up before April 30, 2011.

SiteFusion is an open source and server-based development platform where a XUL client runs code written with PHP.

The application runs on a server generating JavaScript commands but looks and behaves like native desktop applications.

The output is platform-independent and can access the client filesystem, run programs, play sounds ,etc.

SiteFusion PHP-XUL Platform

There are no extra configurations required than running a website as the XUL client connects to a regular web server.

And, it offers a two-way real-time ZLib compressed communication which is great for building real-time applications.

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  • ProtoFluid is a free web-based tool which eases web application testing on various screen sizes and orientations.

    It simply asks you you to mention the website to be tested and the desired screen size (sizes for popular devices are predefined).

    Once launched, you can see the website inside a modal box with the mentioned size, and with a click, you can change the orientation.

    For anyone, who prefers to complete this task on the browser-side, web developer add-on has the resize function, but keep in mind that you can still use Firebug or other tools at the fullscreen view with such a web-based app.

    Also, it lets you design for CSS3 compliant (mobile) browsers using Media Queries.


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  • @anywhere is a set new JavaScript-based methods by Twitter which helps integrating websites with the service easier and better.

    It simply works by registering to the @anywhere platform and inserting few lines of JavaScript.

    Twitter @anywhere

    The integration methods are:

    • Auto-linkification of @usernames
    • Hovercards
    • Follow buttons
    • Tweet Box (enabling users to tweet from your website)
    • User login & signup

    It is possible to let the script search for the Twitter usernames in a whole web page or, better, define specific elements/IDs/classes to make it work faster.

    PixelZoomer is a very handy Firefox extension for web developers which can replace the step of taking screenshots of a web page and pasting it into an image editing software for making pixel-perfect measurements.

    Once it is activated (clicking an icon at the bottom of Firefox), a custom window with the web page screenshot is loaded.


    Inside this window, you can zoom in/out, select specific areas to see their width/height and pick the color of a pixel.

    The extension has an option to grab the screenshots using Java runtime (more accurate) or Canvas (faster).

    phpSysInfo is a free PHP script that displays detailed information about the host it is placed.

    It can show data like the CPU, Ram, OS, "since when it is up", installed devices, etc.

    Also, phpSysInfo can collect the information required to analyze the server load which can effect website performances like the available Ram or network usage.


    The script works on every PHP-enabled website & can display static information, generate XML outputs (which is nice for automated checks) or dynamically update itself.

    It is multilingual & includes various ready-to-use themes for customization.

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  • Microsoft has announced the "Preview Release" of Internet Explorer 9 which seems to be a milestone for the IE family considering it gets closer to the standards.

    The IE9 has a new JavaScript engine which performs much better than IE8 & some other browsers.

    Another good news is, it supports HTML5, CSS3 & SVG almost completely.

    IE9 Preview

    The website includes speed, HTML5 & graphics demos besides the comparisons of the features with other browsers.

    This new release requires Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 which hopefully changes with the stable release (otherwise, IE may continue to be a barrier on new standards as XP will probably live long).

    AnalyzePal is a free Adobe-AIR application that provides an easy way to measure your PayPal sales, performance & customer tracking.

    It doesn't require any PayPal username-pass or API information as AnalyzePal works in an offline way with the transaction logs that can be downloaded from PayPal.


    The application displays a snapshot of your last 3 months activities with charts or you can view the revenue for any given period.

    AnalyzePal is also great for browsing past transactions quickly as it works offline.

    Besides the free version, it has paid & more-featured versions that can filter data by customers, countries, etc.

    LiveUI is a powerful, flexible & open source rich internet application framework for .NET.

    It has a modular system which allows sharing .ascx user controls & resources between ASP.NET web applications.

    Working with JavaScript from ASP.NET applications becomes simple as the framework includes tools for JavaScript generation, caching, dependency management & more.


    LiveUI has an Extjs.Controls module which includes ASP.NET wrappers for all ExtJS components making usage of them so easy inside ASP.NET pages.

    Also, there is a built-in solution for URL parsing & generation which means creating user friendly URLs is not a problem with the framework.

    Uptime Robot