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As a designer/developer, I am addicted to high quality resources that ease what I do.

And, since 6 years, WebResourcesDepot was all about that; those beautiful, mostly free and useful resources.

The website became a huge repository of selected goodies which I hope helped and will help many designers/developers (besides me).

Many of you already know that I am also part of another project, Uptime Robot, and it is really hard to be productive with working on multiple projects.

With the new year, I’ll be working full-time on Uptime Robot and WRD now has a new owner, Brad Wayland of the inspiring¬†

Considering his expertise on content, I already know that WRD can only become better.

To keep this short, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of WRD (reader, contributor, advertiser) in all these years. I have learned a lot from it and very happy with the experience.

Wishing everyone a great new year. Bests. Umut.

WebResourcesDepot is so focused on bringing awesome web design and development resources to your attention.

Not only from the website, but the Twitter account is also another place to find exciting stuff.

However, from lots of great articles read, very useful resources discovered and lots of suggestions received each day, there are much more to share.

WebResourcesDepot Weekly

Email is old, yes, so old but an e-mail full of carefully-curated, high-quality links is so much fun.

WebResourcesDepot Weekly, a regular newsletter for web designers and developers, will be bringing this fun to your e-mail client every Monday.

Just fill the form above and you are ready to go.

P.S. As you already know, you will never be spammed and each newsletter will include an unsubscribe link.

As you already know, WebResourcesDepot uses WordPress as the blogging engine (which is clearly an awesome application).

Lately, WordPress added WRD to their showcase which features websites built with the platform and uses its functions deeply.

Rating is open to anyone and thought it would be the best if the readers who experiences WRD regularly rate us too.

WordPress Showcase

Besides that, WordPress Showcase is a great place to find inspiration on WP-built websites which are categorized well.

Thanks so much in advance for your support and being an awesome reader with your comments, tweets, suggestions and everything.

Last week, the 1000th post of WRD was announcing a huge giveaway of products/services that web designers & developers would love.

One week later, today, the winners are selected and they are announced at the bottom of the post.

1000th Post Giveaway Winners

But before that, lets remember the products/services which made this huge giveaway (32 products) possible (listed alphabetically):

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Well, yes. After the first post published at WebResourcesDepot, at least one new resource is shared everyday with no exceptions and here is the 1000th post.

Although there are more to share in our bookmarks & your suggestions eases finding new ones, it is a good idea to give a small break and celebrate this with a huge giveaway.

1000th WebResourcesDepot Post

Before introducing the details of the giveaway, a big thanks to everyone who follow WebResourcesDepot via:

or any other media and contributes with their comments that help us all to learn more & improve ourselves.

Also, thanks very much to all the advertisers who support WRD.

The Huge Giveaway:

Here are the products/services which make this huge giveaway (32 products) possible (listed alphabetically):

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